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April 2006
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Critique NAALPO 06-04-29 US    A Critique of the Animal Liberation Press Office Media
Wall Street a Hostage 06-04-27 US, NY    Newspaper Ad claims that Wall Street is being held hostage. Finances
Terror Crackdown 06-04-27 US, WA    Inside the shadowy world of domestic terrorism. Law
Oxford Protest 06-04-27 UK    SPEAK protest of 1200 people. Activism, protest
Conservatives on Earth Day 06-04-24 world    Essay on what conservatives should think about "Earth Day" Earth
Lawsuit vs Testing 06-04-27 US, AZ    Animal rights group gets suit OK. Court gives go-ahead for bid to recover federal money. Law
Foie Gras Free 06-04-26 US, IL   Chicago is now foie gras free. Law
Portland fur Demo 06-04-26 US, OR   Demonstration outside Schumacher Fur Company. Activism, protest
Primate Demo 06-04-25 US, OR   Demonstration outside OHSU's Oregon National Primate Research Center. Activism, protest
Castro Valley 06-04-21 US, CA   Possible ALF action in Castro Valley. ALF
Pet Population 06-04-20 world   "This is Goodbye": Powerful video on immorality of pet overpopulation. Pet Care
Against Covance 06-04-20 US, AZ   Rally Against Chandler Covance. Activism, protest
Eric McDavid 06-04-18 US, CA   Eric McDavid Needs a Doctor. Law
Burberry Bans Fur 06-04-14 US, NY   Burberry Bans Fur From China. Thanks to Heather McCartney. Activism, fur
Activist Braves Cold 06-04-18 Canada   Activist braves cold and violence for her cause Activism, seal
Mad Cow Japan 06-04-15 Japan   Japanese Officials Resign of US Mad Cow Debacle Health
Channel Islands 06-04-13 US, CA   Notes on the Channel Islands California Killing Fields Activism
Egg Plant Evidence 06-04-12 US, PA   Egg plant loses bid to suppress animal activist's evidence Law
Vlasak Released 06-04-10 Canada   Jerry Vlasak, MD Released from Jail in Canada Today Activism, seal
Vlasak Protest 06-04-08 Canada   Protest organized for Dr. Jerry Vlasak Activism, seal
Seal Report 06-04-08 Canada   The Good, the Bad, The Ugly, the Beautiful Activism, seal
World Lab Anim Week 06-04-07 world   World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week, April 23-30 Activism, lab animals
Foster Litigation 06-04-07 US, CA   Foster Farms Threatens Litigation Against East Bay Animal Advocates Law
Vlasak Ap06 06-04-06 Canada   Anti-Sealing Activist in Jail on Hunger Strike (since Monday, March 27, 2006) Activism, seal
Whale News 06-04-05 Japan   Five major food firms dump shares in whaling operator Activism, whale
Seal Offer 06-04-04 Canada   Connecticut Businesswoman Makes $16 Million Offer to Canadian Prime Minister to End Slaughter of Canadian Baby Seals Activism, seal
Whaling Victory 06-04-03 Japan   Environmentalists hail victory as Japanese firms quit whaling Activism, whale
Anim Lib Project 06-04-04 US, CA   Within the Human Community and Across Species Boundaries, Inequality Runs Rampant ALF
Confiscated Video 06-04-03 Canada   Now see the HSUS video that was confiscated in Canada Activism, seal
Vlasak 8th day 06-04-03 Canada   Eighth Day of Hunger Strike & Imprisonment for Anti-Sealing Activist, Dr. Jerry Vlasak Activism, seal