On his porch in Huntington Woods, George Wang keeps an aluminum pie pan filled with orange peels and peanuts with the shells on.

"The brown squirrels like the shells," Wang says of the animals he's befriended and champions. "The squirrels are like my pets."

Wang loves creatures great and small, those that are beloved and even reviled.

That's why he says he's been troubled by recent articles about Berkley's battle against rats.

"They are no problem at all," he says of the rodents that scamper through his yard regularly.

The 60-year-old Wang has spent much of his life, especially the last 20 or so years, dedicated to animal rights and protection.
"People shouldn't hunt, they should take good care (of animals)," he says.

He says if people took care of animals by buying them food, that would cure problems of overpopulation and be good for the economy. If people bought food, local pet food stores would earn more money and the wildlife park could charge people entry fees, he contends.

Wang bases his beliefs that animals should be cared for on his Christian beliefs.
"Liberty and justice are not only for people, but for animals," Wang says. "That's what we (should) strive for."

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