March 26, 2006
NAALPO Update:

Dr. Jerry Vlasak, one of three press officers with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO), made it across the Canadian boarder at 4 A.M.--Vlasak was told by a lawyer that he and the other crew members most likely wouldn't be allowed to cross the border into Canada, because the Canadian Government didn't want any additional negative publicity about the seal slaughter and what happened last year when eleven crew members of SSCS went on to the ice to film the seal killers. Dr. Vlasak was punched in the nose and ten other Sea Shepherd Conservation Society crew were assaulted violently by the captain and crew of the Brady Mariner in Newfoundland. Despite extensive video documentation, none of the seal killers were arrested or charged.

Jerry and the other ten crew members currently have outstanding warrants for their arrests after having been found guilty in a Canadian court last December of violating the Seal Protection Act (approaching within one-half nautical mile of the baby seals when they are being clubbed to death). Their sentence has not been "stayed" upon appeal; therefore, Dr. Vlasak wanted to serve his sentence in conjunction with this year's seal kill in protest against both the unethical convictions of himself and his fellow crew members, and the egregious massacre of the seals who are right now being mercilessly clubbed and shot to death for greed and profit. The Canadian attorney thought Dr. Vlasak might be taken into custody when entering Canada in Vancouver, but Vlasak was not - and is proceeding to Nova Scotia and then Prince Edward Island to serve his sentence.

The seal murder began Saturday morning at 6 A.M. and only HSUS - and possibly IFAW - are doing media from near the seal kill at this time. The ice is thin because of the warm weather and so the seal killers are shooting seals with guns from their boats if they come upon seals who is swimming, instead of sitting on pieces of ice.

HSUS representatives are in Charlottes Town on Prince Edward Island (PEI) and held a press conference Friday morning with a big screen TV airing a live broadcast of Paul and Heather McCartney speaking out against the seal slaughter. Afterwards the EVIL Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans held their own press conference in support of the seal kill.

HSUS took out Zodiac's to film the seal hunt on Saturday and had seal intestines thrown at them by the seal killers. More to come regarding news from the front and Jerry's surrender into custody.

Here are two links to websites to find out what you can do to try to stop this slaughter of innocent and defenseless baby seals.

For more information and footage of the seal kill, please call or e-mail the North American Animal Liberation Press Office at or call the press office at 818 932-9997.

National Press Officers:

Lindy Greene-Southwest

Camille Hankins-New York

Jerry Vlasak MD-Los Angeles

21044 Sherman Way #211
Canoga Park, CA 91302
phone: 818.932-9997
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