Oxford Cat Threat

An Oxford college has been forced to clamp down on security after a student sent an email to the animal rights group SPEAK threatening to kill a cat for every post made on its website. The Thames Valley Police (TVP) were called to the college in question by worried college authorities last Sunday evening. Officers arrived within half an hour, and two police cars watched the college entrances for much of the night, with other unmarked cars also in the area.

The university marshal was called in to advise on the incident. Both the Thames Valley Police and the university have asked The Oxford Student not to name either the college or the student involved to avoid further jeopardising the welfare of his fellow students. However, this paper understands that although the police cars had left  by early the following morning, security at the college is still high.
'While many people who purport to be in favour of the barbaric practice of animal 'research' are simply buying into the lies they are being spoon fed rather than looking at the facts and thinking for themselves, there are many others who fall into an altogether different category. 'The email might be a sick joke, or it might not be. Regardless, it clearly illustrates the type of individuals that support vivisection.

full story: http://www.oxfordstudent.com/ht2006wk7/news/student_email_provokes_speak

ALF webmaster's note: Threats to kill animals (usually dogs or cats) unless the ALF [reacts in some way] are common (average: weekly) occurrences.