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March 2006
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Canadian Returns Birth 06-03-31 Canada    Canadian returns her birth certificate in protest Activism, seals
Monks in Texas 06-03-31 Texas    Dallas: Utility to feather prolific parakeets' nest Activism, parrots
Vlasak Arrest 06-03-30 Canada    Vlasak as he turns himself in to authorities Activism, seals
Mexico Bans Seal Products 06-03-30 Mexico    Mexico bans import of seal products. politics
Hunt Ecologically Wrong 06-03-30 Canada    The Seal Hunt in Canada is Ecologically Irresponsible hunting
  Meatrix 2 06-03-30 world    Sequel to The Meatrix health
Farm Shelter 06-03-30 US, CA    California Farm Animals have a shelter Activism, farm
Vlasak Hunger 06-03-29 Canada    Anti-Sealing Activist in Jail on Hunger Strike Activism, seals
Ebay Fur Prot 06-03-28 world    Ethical Ebay Campaign -- stop selling fur Activism, fur
Chimp center troubles 06-03-28 US, OH    Chimp Center troubles continue; materials stolen Activism, chimp
Portland fur flies 06-03-28 US, OR    Animal-rights rallies strain ties between cops, business owners Activism, protest
Calif jail sued 06-03-27 US, CA    Jail sued for not providing vegan meals Law
Vlasak update 06-03-26 Canada    Update from the Canadian Seal Murders Activism, seals
Vlasak Canada 06-03-25 Canada    Anti-Sealing Activist & NAALPO Press Officer Traveling to Canada to Surrender Warrant Issued Last Month After Conviction for Approaching a Seal Killer on the Ice Floes Last March Activism, seals
Vivi Criminal 06-03-23 Brazil    Rio has just passed a law that PROHIBITS VIVISECTION TO ANIMALS IN ANY PART OF THAT STATE! Vivisection
Canada Woes 06-03-22 Canada    Canadian beef industry was heavily damaged when BSE showed up in a Canadian cow, yet the US ignores its own situation. Health, meat
Bardot Tears 06-03-22 Canada    Tearful Bardot begs Canada to scrap seal hunt Activism, seals
Monk Bill 06-03-20 US, CT    Monk parakeet bill approved by committee Activism, parrots
Dog Shooting Case 06-03-20 US, TN    U.S. Supreme Court declines to review appeal in dog shooting case Law
Singapore Queen 06-03-17 Singapore    No Bear Hug For The Queen: PETA Activist Arrested During Royal Visit Activism, fur
Tough Little Birds 06-03-17 US, CT    Animal rights activists today will ask lawmakers to take the monk parakeets of southwestern Connecticut off a list of invasive species Law
War Vs Seals 06-03-17 Canada    Seal hunt pales next to Iraq slaughter: Senator politics
Rumsfeld Profit 06-03-13 US, DC    Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug politics
AWI Lawsuit 06-03-17 Australia    High court slaps AWI with $48,000 bill Payable to PETA president Law
Canadian Clubbing 06-03-16 Canada    When Canadians Go Clubbing Activism, seals
Ban Circus Will Kill 06-03-13 UK   Circus owner says if ban goes through he will kill his animals story
Monk Briefs 06-03-17 US, CT    Monk parakeets condemned for building huge nests on utility poles along the shoreline could get a legislative reprieve. Activism, parrots
Green Scare Protest 06-03-13 US, OR    Call for Weekend of Resistance Against Green Scare June 9-11 Activism, protest
CCF 06-03-12 Canada    editorial on Center for Consumer Freedom Against ALF
Ad Banned 06-03-10 Europe    Seal Ad Banned in Europe Activism, seals
Lab Lax 06-03-08 US, IA    Inquiry Finds Lax Federal Inspections at Kosher Meat Plant Factory Farming
Fights 4 Animals 06-03-08 US, MI    Huntington Woods man fights for neighborhood animals Activism
New Mouse Organ 06-03-08 Germany    After years of study, the laboratory mouse can still surprise. Animal Testing
Sealing Inhumane 06-03-07 Canada    We should be sealing the fate of an inhumane ritual. Activism, seals
Buffalo Betrayed 06-03-08 US, D.C.    Massive Slaughter Makes Bison Logo for Federal Agency "Misleading Advertising". Activism, buffalo
Randy Grim 06-03-04 US, MO    Homeless dogs are Randy Grim's passion. Activism, dogs
Oxford Cat Threat 06-03-04 UK    Threats to kill Cats unless SPEAK reacts. Activism, testing
Email Shac7 06-03-05 US, NJ    Where to email the SHAC 7. ALF POWs
Watson-McCartney 06-03-04 Canada    Captain Paul Watson's comments on the Paul McCartney interview. media
PMcCartney-LKing 06-03-03 US    Transcript of CNN Larry King Interview with Sir Paul McCartney media
Activists Convicted 06-03-02 US, NJ   Activists Convicted in Federal Court of Violating Animal Enterprise Protection Act. Activism, testing
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