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Vancouver Resident Says Barbaric Seal Hunt Makes Her 'Ashamed to Be a Canadian'

Vancouver, British Columbia — Newfoundland native Nadine Saunders is so disgusted by the annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of harp seals in her native province that she wishes that she hadn't been born there. That's why she will be returning her birth certificate to the Newfoundland government today in protest of the seal hunt that takes place every spring on Canada's East Coast.

"Thousands of helpless baby seals are bludgeoned to death in the province where I grew up. It makes me ashamed to be a Newfoundlander," says Nadine.

Last year, the Canadian government permitted the killing of more than 320,000 harp seals, and the quota has been raised to 325,000 this year. In the past three years alone, nearly 1 million seals have been slaughtered—mostly pups who are under 3 months old. An estimated 42 percent are skinned alive. The seals are killed strictly for their fur, which is prized by the fur trade. Because there is no demand for their meat, their skinned corpses are simply left to rot on the ice floes.

The hunt has spurred protests around the world and has attracted high-profile opposition from Sir Paul and Lady Heather Mills McCartney, Brigitte Bardot, Pamela Anderson, Persia White, and Anna Nicole Smith.

"The world is watching, and it is appalled by our barbarism," says Nadine. "If our government stops this cruel slaughter, I will ask for my birth certificate back, but until then, I cannot hold my head up as a Canadian."

Nadine, who is president of the Vancouver-based animal rights group Canadians for Animals, has created a video about the hunt that has already been viewed by thousands of people. For more information, please visit