SHAC Trial Update
Feb 9, 2006

TRENTON -- Animal-rights activists suddenly attacking, knocking over equipment and firing marbles through windows, after appearing for sit-down protests at labs that use puppies and ferrets for medical testing.

The story of these actions came out in federal court in Trenton yesterday at the trial of activists charged with terrorizing scientists who use animals in experiments.

Worldwide attention is now focused on the trial where local attorneys are trying to prove a radical animal rights organization was providing education on the allegedly cruel testing methods of Huntingdon Life Sciences -- not igniting violent retaliation against the company.

The trial is a battle over free speech, with the government saying SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) ignited dangerous activities by glorifying the activities on its Web site.

During its five-year campaign against British-based HLS, activists alleged the company is responsible for the deaths of 500 animals a day.

Seven members of the Philadelphia-based group are standing trial on charges of animal enterprise terrorism, conspiracy and interstate stalking after their arrests in May 2004.

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