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February 2006
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Grave arrest 06-02-27 UK   Further arrest in body theft case Activism
SHAC Trial closing 06-02-27 US   Trial examining tactics of animal-rights activists wrapping up Activism, testing
Egypt Suspends Imports 06-02-26 Egypt   Minister suspends live exports to Egypt farm animals
Genesis Protest 06-02-25 US, CA   Opinion and response: Protest of HSUS at the Genesis Awards politics
Radio In China 06-02-24 Turkey   Istanbul broadcasts ant-fur message in China Activism, fur
Coronado Indicted 06-02-24 US, CA   Former ALF Warrior Rodney Coronado Indicted for Making Speech politics
No Testing 06-02-24 Cayman Isl.   'Animal testing? No thanks' Opinion
Anita Roddick 06-02-24 UK   Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, discusses AR interview
Bikinis - KFC 06-02-24 US, NY   Girls in bikinis claim KFC tortures chicks Activism, chicks
Alaska - NOT 06-02-23 US, AK   Funny Protest against killing of wolves in Alaska Activism, wolf
AR Donations 06-02-20 US   Comparison of 2004 vs 2003 donations to AR Orgs AR Orgs
Sunless Hell 06-02-19 US, AZ   Arizona Voters on Humane Treatment of Farm Animals Act politics
100 Targets 06-02-19 world   Revealed: 100 companies targeted in new animal terror hit-list Activism, lab
monk sense 06-02-18 US, CT   Birds need only common-sense alternatives Activism, parrots
No To Chicken 06-02-17 world   Top ten reasons to say no to chicken health
Coretta S King 06-02-14 US, GA   Coretta Scott King's Belief in Animal Rights Saints
Dealing Dogs 06-02-16 US   HBO documentary media
CU Lab Closes 06-02-16 US, CO   CU Monkey Lab Closes, Gives Animals Away Activism, lab
Hip 2 go Vegan 06-02-14 US, IN   It's Hip to go Vegan veganism
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UK Demo Feb10        
SHAC trial 06-02-09 US   The SHAC 7 Trial update Activism, testing
SHAC - litmus 06-02-07 US   The SHAC 7 Trial will be an important litmus test Activism, testing
Oxford Braced 06-02-07 UK   Oxford University Braced against ARAs Activism, testing
China Changes 06-02-07 China   China's fur industry and how it's changing Activism, fur
AR v Glaxo 06-02-07 UK   ARAs vs. Glaxo Smith Kline Activism, testing
HLS pink 06-02-06 US, NJ   LSRI Dropped to Pink Sheets as Activist's Trial begins in NJ Activism, testing
SHAC-Thugs4pups 06-02-06 US   SHAC has one goal: Cripple a lab that tests (and kills) dogs and monkeys. Activism, testing
Battery Crusade 06-02-01 US, CA   New Target In 'Battery-Cage' Chicken Crusade Activism, farm
Monkey Business 06-02-01 US, CT   At UConn, animal rights activist Justin Goodman protests the use of monkeys in experiments. Activism, testing