February 16, 2006

Beijing Olympics boycott urged by Cindy Jackson and Anneka Svenska

Monday, February 13 saw worldwide demonstrations by animal rights supporters protesting about the Chinese fur traders and urging a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

In London, model, singer and author Cindy Jackson and actress and comedian Anneka Svenska along with MP Roger Gale attended the demonstration held there.

  photos: London Protest Feb 06

Brought up in Ohio but now living in the UK, Cindy Jackson is also well known for being a vegetarian and committed animal rights supporter.

Sir Paul McCartney and wife Heather are spearheading the campaign after giving an interview to the BBC last November in which Sir Paul called for a boycott and said he was not performing in China as a protest at the skinning alive of dogs, cats and other animals there to supply the fur trade.

Undercover footage by PETA showing animals being skinned alive by Chinese workers sparked the protests and led to Sir Paul's public condemnation of the practice and boycott of China.

Sir Elton John, Chrissie Hynde, Jools Holland, Lulu, George Michael, Carla Lane, Paul Newman and Joanna Lumley are among a long list of celebrities who have written letters to British PM Tony Blair asking him to push the European Union for an EU-wide ban on cat and dog fur.

With the Olympics still years away it remains to be seen what results these protests and boycott will have.