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 January 2006
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Parakeet Leap 06-01-29 US, CT   Avoid Leap to Ruin on Monk Parakeets Activism, parrots
Fish Liberation 06-01-28 UK   Saboteurs suspected as 50,000 fish are released in reservoir Activism, fish
Monk Parrots 06-01-22 US, CT   Trouble-Free Living, If a Bird Is Willing Activism, parrots
Mad Canada 06-01-23 Canada   Mad Cow Disease found in Canada health
Halt Whaling 06-01-17 Vietnam   Diplomatic protest issued against Japanese whaling Activism, whale
Bernard Parks 06-01-22 US, CA   Los Angeles Councilman delays animal shelter politics
Dog Fur Law 06-01-21 France   French Government Bans Cat's & Dog's Fur. French Artists Satisfied. law
11 Arrests-NYTimes 06-01-21 US, OR   11 Indicted in Cases of Environmental Sabotage -- New York Times Against ALF
FBI Witch Hunt 06-01-21 US, OR   11 Indicted in Latest Round of FBI Environmental Witch Hunt Against ALF
Tim Hitchins 06-01-18 US   A Message from Tim Hitchins: Statement for Truth Against ALF
Japan Beef Ban 06-01-20 Japan    Japan halted imports of U.S. beef on Friday health
Industry footage 06-01-20 US, CA   Bay Area Animal Group to Screen Rare Agribusiness Industry Footage for the Media and Public Activism, farm
Activists Arrested 06-01-19 US, OR   Two Oregon Activists Arrested Activism, horse
Anti-Covance 06-01-17 US, AZ   Anti-Covance ad on radio. G. Gordon Liddy speaks out for PETA Anti-vivisection
Built 4 Birds 06-01-16 US, CT   Group constructs alternative nesting after UI clears utility pole Activism, birds
Stock Ad 06-01-15 US   Peaceful Prairie Ad for Western Stock Show Activism, Farm
Buffalo Hunt 06-01-14 US, MT   Montana Buffalo Hunt Video and update Hunting, Buffalo
Oxford Prot 06-01-14 UK   Brit animal rights protesters clash with police in Oxford Activism, Prot
anim childlaw 06-01-14 Australia   Animal sadists to lose jobs law
ADL Case 06-01-10 US, CA   Calif. overturns restraining orders against animal rights activists law
EU welfare shift 06-01-11 Europe   EU considers food labels to improve animal welfare law
Spain Beagles 06-01-11 Spain   ALF in Spain liberates 28 beagles in memory of Bill Rodgers. Activism, dogs
EU - China Bears 06-01-10 Belgium   EU wants China to end bear farming Activism, bears
e-annoying 06-01-09 US, DC   It's now illegal to be annoying law
Logan Vegans 06-01-09 US, CA   Union City, CA. Logan students satisfy vegan cravings Health
Sea Shepherd 06-01-09 Jap-Aus   Sea Shepherd Sideswipes the Japanese Supply Ship Oriental Bluebird Activism, whale
Whaler threat 06-01-10 Jap-Aus   Japan's whalers threaten to call airborne police Activism, whale
Lakeland Circus 06-01-08 US, FL   Circus Animals Inside, Protests Outside Activism, Prot
Mouse fire 06-01-08 US, NM   Mouse thrown into fire sets home ablaze News-Karma
watching Gpeace 06-01-07 Jap-Aus   Protest fails to halt carnage Activism, whales
Death of Whale 06-01-06 Jap-Aus   Graphic Footage Depicts Agonizing Death for Harpooned Whale Activism, whales
Slaughter 06-01-05 Jap-Aus   The Slaughter of an Exhausted Whale Calf Activism, whales
Cow Escapes 06-01-06 US, MT   Cow Escapes Meat Plant, Dodges Cars, Train News
HLS Sued 06-01-04 US, NJ   New Jersey SPCA sues Huntingdon Life Sciences Activism, labs
Best Friends rant 06-01-03 US, NV   Rescue DUMPS Dogs - With "Best Friends" who needs Enemies! Activism, Pets
Mowat update 06-01-04 Jap-Aus   Update from the Farley Mowat, chasing Japanese Whalers Activism, whales
U of Iowa Eggs 06-01-03 US, IA   Pilot program will use eggs from hens not kept in cages Activism, Farm
Laramie Shelter 06-01-03 US, WY   Rescuing pets from "death row" Activism, Pets