Montana Buffalo Hunt Video

If nothing sets you off today, this video of the wild bison in Yellowstone, that have drifted out of the Park and across the imaginary, invisible line in the state of Montana, will. It shows the needless, senseless, hazing, capturing and ultimate slaughter of what happens to these majestic brothers in Montana.

This video is not of capture or slaughter, is it of bison being hazed across THIN ICE and breaking thru and drowning. It is horrendous to say the least, but is the fire we need to get Americans to pay attention to the unending torture of the Yellowstone Bison in Montana. Say a prayer for the 2 bison brothers who gave their life, so you could get the FIRE! Even if you dislike this kind of visual, WATCH IT, get the fire, the BUFFALO NEED YOU to speak for them!!! Please act now!

Watch this video, get mad, then call the Governor of MONTANA at 406-444-3111, name is Brian Schweitzer.
     Email is
     Tell him the slaughter and abuse of the bison has to stop. BOYCOTT his wonderful BLUE SKY state, as long as the snow underneath is RED, and tell him so.

Also email or call Yellowstone Park's Supervisor Suzanne Lewis here:
Yellowstone National Park
     Superintendent Suzanne Lewis
     PO Box 168
     Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190
     (307) 344-2002
[email protected] or [email protected]

Ask her why NPS is killing buffalo, capturing 180 bison on 1-11-06 and another 100 on 1-12-06 and sending them to slaughter without testing for the dreaded brucellosis myth. (1/11/06- Park Service Captures 180 Yellowstone Bison Without Montana's Cooperation: Decision to Slaughter without Testing Violates Bison Management Plan, 1/12/06- Bison Management Runs Amok: National Park Service Sends 24 Buffalo to Slaughter, Captures 100 More; DOL Hazes Buffalo through Lake Ice, Killing Two ) Ask her why the National Park System is KILLING the BUFFALO they are SWORN to PROTECT?

Also, cc the same email to the DIRECTOR of our National Parks in DC:
     Director National Park Service
     Fran Maniella
     1849 C Street NW Room 3312
     Washington, DC 20240
     Phone: (202) 208-6843 ; Fax: 202-208-7889
[email protected]

Here is MONTANA's FWP, Forest, WILDLIFE, and Parks,
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
     1400 S. 19th Ave.
     Bozeman, MT, 59718.
     Email: [email protected]

Gallatin National Forest, email Rebecca and ask her why the bison which are wildlife are not allowed on our National Forest, why is it only for CATTLE?
     Gallatin National Forest
     Rebecca Heath, Supervisor
     10 East Babcock  PO Box 130
     Bozeman, MT 59715
     Phone: 406-587-6703  Fax: 406-587-6758
     [email protected]

Then of course we have the MONTANA DEPT of LIVESTOCK, who are ultimately in control of the WILD bison, nope, that is NOT a MISTAKE, it is true, the Dept of LIVESTOCK is in control of wild bison in MONTANA, how is that for a conflict of interest??!!! Email Marc Bridges and tell him what you think of their abuse, torture, capture and slaughter of America's Last Wild Bison. Tell him you will quit eating America's HOLY COW if they won't start allowing Yellowstone bison to drift free to their winter foraging grounds, without repercussions resulting in DEATH.
     Montana Department of Livestock
     Box 202201  Helena, MT 59620
     Director Marc Bridges
     1-406-444-7323 or 1-800-523-3162; ext. 3
     Email: [email protected]

And last but not least, send an email to APHIS and ask them why they are allowing the hazing, capture and slaughter of the Yellowstone bison BEFORE the spring count, Ask them why they have assisted the National Park service in the capture and future slaughter of these 280 bison, and have decided not to follow THEIR OWN RULES as far as Yellowstone Bison go?
     Animal and Plant Health
     Inspection Services
     U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737
     Legislative and Public Affairs at (202) 720-2511,
     Forest Service Public Affairs at (202) 205-1760
     National Park Service Office of Public Affairs at (202) 482-6843.

Thank you for caring about the abuse and torture inflicted on our wildlife by our GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, with no repercussions if YOU don't speak out!


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