HSUS Response to Eric's Blog -- by Wayne Pacelle

This is what is being posted on the bazillion rescue boards. They won't "do" and they will not allow others, to do what must be done. Thank you. This is a critical situation. We don't' have time to twiddle our thumbs.

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Eric's Dog Blog - Comments about HSUS
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September 26, 2005

Hard to understand what HSUS is doing. Some of their actions do not support what they say their mission is - which is to be here for the long term. Previously I said go to Gonzales. But at this point just call me until I get clarification on whether or not they will accept volunteers: 443.421.0000.

Unlike almost any other group, we worked right up until Rita came at us full force. We got in almost a full day of work - working up until 6pm with very little rain and wind. We actually had a great day that day and put in almost nine hours. It wasn't that difficult to talk to the police dept and other officials to find out when we should get out. We were all safe and secure. Went to Gonzales to try to sleep there. They now have a password to get in. A girl at the shell station gave it to us so we could get into the gate. We were quickly told that we couldn't stay in Gonzales and what came along with those statements was despicable behavior; we were told we would be arrested if we rescued another animal. And some lady, like a rabid animal, was ripping animal rescues signs from our cars in 70 miles wind. I had one little dog whose owner I had located. They were trying to take that dog. There was no way I was giving that dog to the flawed tracking system that they have put together. These people have made enemies out of the hundreds people who put their lives on hold and spent thousands of their own money to help reunite pets with their owners and save other lost animals.

Here's a fact, I have tried desperately to follow HSUS directions to a tee - to be official with their rules. The rules change every day; so in the end, it's almost impossible to be a rescuer with HSUS. Jane Garrison, a person of good intellect, responsible, street savvy who uses common sense, is the only person that I have run across that will help you. But in many cases, her hands have been tied. I can see it.

I sent 4 volunteers to go to the 6 am meeting. Just as it says to do on Jane's voicemail. They got in the night before but they were harassed and treated rudely. Luckily they got to Jane and she hooked them up and got them in the field to help with rescue efforts.

RUMOR HAS IT (I state rumor anytime I have totally accurate info) that HSUS is looking to wind down the Gonzales operation. I predicted that they would use this hurricane Rita to move out lots of volunteers and then wind down. They can dispute that right here with a comment or they can call me. They can prove me wrong in 30 seconds or give me a press release to post. I know that they read this bog.

HSUS has taken on a strategy that we feel will allow thousands of animals to starve in their house. Unless things change, they will now only take critical animals. Other animals in the thousands have been fed in their houses. Now HSUS premise is that those owners will soon be home and that there will be a big fat happy reunion. It seems that in their fairy tale world all these animals are in Victorian houses and the owners will be riding in in any day in their Lexuses to get their pets. The reality is that in almost every house that we are dealing with an animal inside is that the likelihood of the owner of ever coming back is very low. These people left without vehicles, think their pets are dead, and have been moved to new locations. With new accommodations and jobs, they may never return. If I leave an animal in a house there are major problems:

1. I have to be assured that HSUS will continue to feed that animal for months to come. I have absolutely no confidence that that will happen OR 2. I have to be completely sure that that owner is actually coming home. My personal opinion in many houses that they are not coming homes. These houses are disgusting. You seen mold all over the walls, dry wall wet and falling in. 3 weeks of feces, urine on the floor. So this policy of feeding these animals and this situation and expecting the owners seems a little far fetched. These animals must be pulled out but they aren't.

I'd like HSUS to explain their tracking system. It seems that no one there has heard of an electronic database - something that every 8th grader has been taught. I have sent 5 owners to Gonzales - all have come back saying that they are simply told "You can start walking around looking for your pet." Could HSUS please describe in detail their tracking system? And don't say petfinder - that's just their way of acting like they have a plan for these animals. In a concise document, explain the tracking system for the owner who wants to search for their pet. I know owners who know their animals were sent there but after days of trying have no idea even which state their pet was sent to. Seems like everything was done on paper; I hope I am wrong

HSUS you need to absolutely tell the truth because there are too many people there who saw the inner workings and are ready to tell exactly what they saw - good or bad. Honesty in the best policy. Animals were pulled from specific addresses. Why is it when people try to find their pet that they can't simply say "My animal was pulled from xyz address" and in some database, this info is quickly pulled telling exactly where the animal is at this time. As far as I can tell neither petfinder.com nor HSUS has a way to search by specific address. Both need to remedy this immediately. Especially petfinder.com who has been pushed as the place to go to find their pet. You simply cannot expect people to click on New Orleans and click on 10,000 entries to find their pet.

Next, can we get a complete anthology of what happened and what is being done about the list of owners who called the 800 number. This is your chance to tell the truth about that list because I have specific people at HSUS who have volunteered who know day by day the status of the list, what happened to it, and why it wasn't used. And we are putting together a timeline of the list, which is not going to make HSUS look like the shining savoir of those owner call ins. We have been in houses where the owners were told that their animals were rescued by HSUS but when we got there the animals were dead, dying or perhaps in good shape depending on the amount of food left out.

Next, I have a group ready to run a to full page USA Today ad to alert the thousands of pet owners who called that 800 HSUS number that their pets have not been rescued and that they should take other measures to rescue their pets. I'll give HSUS the courtesy of today to contact me before we place that ad. I don't talk to lawyers. There has got to be someone with some common sense there at HSUS that is interested in a serious conversation about how to continue this operation in order to save the thousands of animals that are still out there. Anybody who has been on the street understands that this crisis hasn't even slowed down. I was in St. Bernard parish yesterday and there were 20-30 dogs and cats every 3 to 5 blocks. What happened to the idea to get a couple of water trucks in there to water these animals in kiddy pools? Most of these animals were obviously people's pets and not strays.

Hey HSUS! I met a guy yesterday who came by your facility and no one wanted to listen to him. He has 20 acres plus the biggest rodeo pen and stables just a few miles from Gonzales. Don't cry about space. Anyone with a brain could get space here. I have been in 3 locations and have never been turned down once. Doug's number is: 985.513.0287. Call him.

Lastly could every one please go to: www.oilydog.org and please find this poor dog so everyone can know he's ok.