The stories of dogs saving dogs in N.O, La. (from a volunteer at Lamar Dixon, Gonzales, La.)

Note that both the below stories are about chows, a breed persecuted by breed specific legislation. And compare the behavior of these dogs to the cowardly people who abandoned their animals to save themselves.

Tell the below stories to people who say that people should come before animals in the rescue efforts.

From: "Suzanne OBrien" <>
September 23, 2005
Legislation would require pets to be included in evacuations

A rescuer came through barn 2 where I was working Sat. 9/17. She was looking for the black chow and brown and white dog she had rescued from New Orleans just the day before. She told me the heart warming story. She was in a boat as this black chow swam frantically towards the boat. Just as she and fellow rescuers were about to pull this dog to safety onto the boat, the dog turned around and swam away from the boat. The rescuers were puzzled by this. The dog stopped, turning to look back at the boat. The rescuers turned the boat around and followed after this chow. Turned out the chow led them to a house where a brown and white dog was trapped inside, looking out a window. The rescuers tried again, in vain, to get the chow into the boat. They went to the window of this house and pulled the brown and white dog safely onto the boat. Once this dog was in the boat the chow willingly jumped into the boat. He wasn't willing to be rescued until he knew his little buddy was safe. How touching!

Sat. 9/17 while taking a lunch break I sat outside under a tent and talked with a guy from the Humane Society out of Washington, D.C. He told me how he was in New Orleans the previous day doing rescues from areas where the waters had receded. He said all the worst horror stories he had heard about the area were in fact true. He said he never wanted to have to see something like that again. He told me about a chow they were about to load onto their truck for rescue when he suddenly bolted from them. His superior took off chasing after this chow. The dog led them to the backyard of a house. The yard was completely fenced in, and trapped in it was a starving to death black lab. Without this chow leading them there they would have never found this lab so desperately in need of help barely hanging onto life.