Descriptions of news stories September 2005 with (category-location of the story)
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Films Own Murder -- Teen With Camcorder Captures His Own Killing On Tape
foie gras -- published editorial
Katrina Timeline -- How it happened.
responses to peta -- Response to Animal Liberation Exhibit, by Rina Deych

Ducks In PA -- Sept 28. Residents want to protect ducks in Fairchance, PA.
Inside LA Shelter -- The LAAS Shelter System: An Insider's View, Parts I & II
UCSF Labs -- What's really happening inside UCSF's animal labs?
By Tali Woodward
UCSF Monkey Bus. -- How Stephen Lisberger became the poster boy for UCSF's animal welfare problems.
Donarbon Ltd -- HLS supplier's car attacked
Gulf Rescues -- More info from rescuer Jessica in New Orleans
HSUS vs ALF -- Response from Karen Dawn to HSUS's response
HSUS probs -- More info from Jane Garrison, rescuer
HSUS Pains -- Sept 26. Eric's Dog Blog - Comments about HSUS and responses.
baked harassment -- Sept 23. Vegans file lawsuit over surveillance at ham store
chow stories -- Stories of dogs saving dogs in New Orleans

Homeland Joke -- Sept 22. Homeland Security Officials Wrongly Arrested Peaceful Protesters in Georgia, Charges ACLU
HSUS vs volunteers -- Sept 22. Volunteer at Katrina facility urges HSUS to change rescue site policies ASAP
BVHS lovebird -- Animal advocate says bird should go to good home; staff says bird already has one
by Rachel Raskin-Zrihen
Paul Watson -- Captain Watson's savage kingdom. It's easy to lose your bearings wandering through radical activist's wacky and wondrous headspace.
Stuckey Not Afraid -- L.A. Animal Services manager Guerdon Stuckey is smoke-bombed by the ALF
Hurricanes -- Hurricane Katrina: A Lesson in Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Dog, by Kimberly Zlatin
ADLLA_Stuckey -- Sept 20. ALF Strikes Home of LA Animal Services General Manager; Career Bureaucrat Responsible for Needlessly Killing Companion Animals
Maui Abuse -- Pet abuse sign of more trouble, by Melissa Tanji
Toxicity Tests -- On 4 Oct 05 the EU's Environment Committee will vote on REACH.
Katrina Tails -- More Tales of Katrina Rescues.
AZ Initiative -- Sept 19. Arizonans will have some big choices to make during the 2006 election year, and one of the biggest could involve pregnant pigs.
HLS & NYSE -- Animal activists may have hindered company float.
Best Ban Protest -- Please protest against the ban of Dr. Steven Best from the UK

COK Lawsuit -- Sept 19. Advocates Challenge Humane-Care Label on Md. Eggs, Birds Are Cruelly Caged, Lawsuit Argues, by Nelson Hernandez
Project Starfish -- Sept 18. Missions of mercy in wake of storm, by Brenda J. Buote
Animal Rescue Inc -- Sept 18. Stranded pets come to area, group saves 49, by J. Maldonado.
Blair on Puppy Mills -- Sept 18. Linda Blair protests puppy mills in Pa.
Tara Erickson -- Sept 17. WNC volunteers finding homes for Katrina’s orphaned pets
Squirrel Bridge -- Sept 15. A Czech town has built a bridge to protect a handful of squirrels
UK Squirrel Bridge -- Rope bridge helps save squirrels
Narrows Squirrel Bridge -- Nutty Narrows - Squirrel Bridge,
Longview, Washington
No Pets Evacuation -- No Pets' Evacuation Cruel To Animals - And People, by Carol A. Tavani
US Cruelty -- Sept 16. Animal cruelty is raging throughout the U.S.
HMM vs JLo -- Sept 15. Heather Mills McCartney loses leg after row with J-Lo's guards
Katrina -- .swf Flash movie
Dawn2Katrina -- Sept 14. Shameful policy caused many pets' deaths
Hen Supporters -- Sept 12. Factory farming gets new foes, By Anna Wallis
ADLLA -- Sept 9. Regarding kill-shelters in LA, CA.
Katrina - K.Dawn Sept 10. Best Friends Need Shelter, Too. By Karen Dawn
America's Cruelty -- Factory Farms in America.
AZ 4 Humane Farms -- Sept 9. Arizonians for Humane Farms. Animal cruelty appalling.
HLS denied -- Sept. 8. Animal Testing Company Huntingdon Life Sciences Denied Listing on New York Stock Exchange.
Katrina Pets Gallery -- If you still have your might be a good day to give thanks, eh?
Katrina Pets -- Sept. 8. Pet owners refusing to leave New Orleans homes. Rescuers say efforts disorganized.
Katrina Photos 1  Katrina Photos 2  Katrina Photos 3 Photos from New Orleans
Aqua-culture Stats -- Farmed Animal Statistics: World Aquaculture Production
Mad Cow Eased -- The Bush administration eased regulations restricting the use of cattle parts in feed
Slave Comparison -- Sept 6. "Animal suffering similar to human slaves" by UPC President Karen Davis.
Slave Comp2 -- Sept 6. Comparison of Human and Animal Holocausts, by Lindy Greene.
Dog Saves Life -- Sept 5. Dog Saves Life of Man Threatening Suicide.

China Cook -- Zhang Xingguo has been sacked numerous times due to his "green cooking" principles.
PCRM on Katrina -- Physicians Group Knocks Feds, Abandoning of Pets Causing Trauma.
Fur Free Billboards -- Put Up a Fur Free Billboard.
Moor-Jankowski -- Sept 3. Jan Moor-Jankowski, is Dead at 81; Used Chimps, Kindly, in Science.

I.U. Comment -- Sept. 1. Appreciate animal-rights restraint, Christopher Murphy.
Judy Dugan -- Sept 1. Responses to Judy Dugan's anti-AR letter in the LA, Calif. Times
Dog Catches Train -- Lost dog catches first train home.