Sept 22, 2005


On September 7th, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) made the unprecedented decision to postpone the listing of Life Sciences Research (LSR), otherwise know as Huntingdon Life Sciences, from trading on the "big board". Although the NYSE never once, either directly or indirectly, referenced the "threat" of animal rights action as the reason for their decision, that was exactly the way LSR and their political and industry cronies chose to spin the story. Within hours, statements were broadcast and published worldwide, without an iota of proof, that pressure from animal rights activists motivated the NYSE's decision.

At the time of the announced listing, Win Animal Rights (WAR) welcomed the attention that the potential listing brought to LSR/HLS, a company that has not paid dividends in years and operates under a cloak of secrecy and deception. We know that the NYSE is supposed to guarantee financial integrity and transparency to countless millions of investors. There are so many factors that make us question the financial integrity and transparency of LSR that we believe it could have been any one of a number of factors that caused the NYSE to postpone the listing.

Was it the fact that no commercial bank or insurance company in the world will deal with them? Or perhaps the fact that their "Public Accountant" is a mystery man who does not want to be identified? Or the fact that their shareholder meetings are held at secret locations in Panama and subject to cancellation with little or no notice? Or that some of their Board members are from third world countries with little or no relevant industry experience? Or maybe it is LSR's $79.5 million debt load? Any of the above might cause a potential investor to question further. Is it any wonder that the NYSE wants to take another look?

Or just maybe, the NYSE considered the very fact that LSR was the object of a global campaign to shut them down, that caused them to want to take another look at the listing before moving forward. This willingness to investigate further should have been applauded around the world by thankful potential investors and by those who value our financial stability and integrity.

Instead, the NYSE has become the object of an intense campaign of intimidation and harassment that has included no less than a United States Senate Subcommittee Chairman and no doubt the hard ball pressure tactics of many of the giant pharmaceutical companies and their industry lobbying groups.

Let's take a minute to thank members of the NYSE for having the courage and integrity to stand up to corporate and government bullies.

Please call to thank the NYSE at: 212-656-3000

Contact Ray Pellecchia, Corporate Communications: 212-656-2001

You can send thank you notes to NYSE's President, Catherine Kinney:

Catherine R. Kinney
President and Co-Chief Operating Officer
New York Stock Exchange
11 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005


As long as LSR is kept off of the board, WAR will refocus attention back on the companies, investors and market makers that contribute to LSRI's bottom line by continuing to deal in LSRI/HLS blood money.

Again, our thanks to the NYSE. We will of course be watching developments as regards LSR with great interest.

For more info contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R.:
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