Judy, Judy, Judy

Thank you so much each and everyone of you for taking the time to write, fax and e-mail the editorial staff at the LA Times regarding their publishing an editorial by Judy Dugan, filled with false accusations and her personal hatred and bias against animal campaigners.

Below are a few of the letters to the editor that some campaigners wrote in rebuttal. We could not post them all, but each and everyone we read was a righteous and noble stand taken for the animals who have no one to speak for them but us.

"To be a true animal rights activist, we must care more about the opinions of our constituents the animals, and less about the words of those who oppress them, like Ms. Dugan."

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August 30, 2005

Dear Editors,
I am a Beverly Hills resident that has been a quiet supporter of the ADLLA's efforts to end the merciless and needless killings of the 40,000 animals each year held in the Los Angeles ill-run animal shelters.

I am a Pepperdine graduate and a Law student and a pro active member of the community.
    I was shocked and disgusted to learn of the improper treatment of living creatures in our very city and was further outraged by the biased reporting of Judy Dugan on the subject of the animals only defenders, the ADLA. To diminish the morality of such a well intentioned league of people who are fairly exercising their rights to free speech as the constitution allows, is an indignity to all of us.

It is important that those of us in the middle, carefully evaluate the opposing factions: on one side, we have a lazy and incompetent city government, mismanagement and terrible cruelty to the innocents in our care. On the other, a few brave men and women, so moved and angered by this treacherous and archaic system of animal genocide that they take time from their jobs, families and children to affirm what they know to be right and fair in the world and to fight what is wrong and cruel. We ought to herald them for they represent the millions of us who are ignorant of the cruelties taking place in our city or who simply don't have time to get active.

The ADLLA deserve our support.

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August 29, 2005
Subject: Response to Judy Dugan's Lettter

I'm greatly disturbed how loosely some people nowadays are using the word "terrorists". From what I understand is that terrorists don't care much about life and are willing to kill themselves and many other innocent beings, whereas these protesters Judy Dugan is talking about are desperately trying to safe lives. What's wrong with that?

She obviously hasn't spend any time in any of the Los Angeles death camps and experienced the immense sadness that overcomes one who cares when looking in a dog's or cat's eyes knowing that by morning they will be dead.
It is very overwhelming and I would advise Judy to go and take a look herself, before she judges anybody.

Animals are being imprisoned and executed for what? What crime have they committed?
It is so easy to put a check in an envelope as a donation and feel great for having done a good deed, but to attack the very people who fight in the trenches for these voice less animals is despicable, I'm sorry.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Subject: RE: Terrorists With a Small 't'"--My Response

As an animal rights activist for the past seventeen years, I can categorically assure you that the world--for most humans--extends no farther than the length of their own selfish noses.

The neighbors of David Diliberto, Field Commander of the LAAS (Los Angeles Animal Services), are utterly hysterical over having to endure an hour's noise once a month by animal rights protesters.

Nary a one considers the thousands of animals dragged--defecating and vomiting in fear--to the kill rooms of the six City "shelters." Barely a one connects these animals with those they call "pets" at home. Scarcely a one acknowledges the ferocity with which all living things value and guard their lives.

The shelters claim they are overpopulated--while rows of cages serve as storage chambers for paper plates and toilet tissue. The "illustrious" aforementioned Field Commander routinely covers up brutal crimes--such as the fatal bludgeoning by Animal Control Technician, Jason Avery, of a defenseless little cat who had the audacity to escape from her cell.

Another example of David Diliberto's malfeasance concerns the solicitation of sexual favors from female subordinates--and their subsequent promotions to jobs of which they are undeserving and for which they are unqualified.

I am one of the regular protesters in David Diliberto's neighborhood. The residents turn hoses on us, attempt to assault us, and even encourage their children to call out, "Kill the animals! Kill them all!" (Veritable pillars of the community, instilling their noble values in their offspring!)

I submit that those who disrespect animal life neither have any regard for human life--with the duly-noted exception of their own, of course!

Instead of demanding that David Diliberto DO HIS JOB and create a progressive, compassionate shelter system that focuses on--and takes advantage of--every available avenue to find safe and loving adoptive homes, the neighbors opt to direct their anger at those who speak out against abuse and corruption.

They shamelessly cast their votes in favor of cruelty. They unabashedly condone abuse. They cavalierly stand in solidarity with the perpetrator. And they call "terrorists" those who defend the victims.

If standing up for animals makes one a terrorist, then I wear the label with uncompromising pride. I personally would be thoroughly ASHAMED to reveal in a widely-read media publication that a little noise bothers me more than the methodical torture and murder of fifty thousand sentient beings!

For general information on the campaign, please visit the website http://www.stopthekilling.net