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We will WIN the battle to STOP THE KILLING. We will WIN by our relentless and tireless determination to never back down. We will continue our protests, we will continue e-mailing, faxing, calling and demanding that the changes necessary to stop the killing be implemented NOW.

The first step of course is to FIRE GUERDON H. STUCKEY and replace him with a bright, compassionate, creative, experienced and dedicated individual who will embrace Winograd's humane NO KILL solutions and make sure the employees are doing their jobs and being compassionate and respectful to the animals in their care.


The following is part one of what is occurring at the Los Angeles Animal Services' animal "shelters"--appropriately dubbed "City Death Camps" by animal rights activists currently engaged in an ongoing campaign to replace abusive and mossback workers with progressive, compassionate employees who will implement a humane NO KILL system.

As you read this tragic and unconscionable litany of atrocities perpetrated against innocent, defenseless companion animals, let your outrage inspire you to become active and join the ADLLA Stop The Killing campaign, determined to turn these Animal Auschwitz's into what they are supposed to be, humane no kill "shelters" for homeless and lost animals!


The Los Angeles Animal Services is on an unprecedented killing spree--they are literally killing everything in sight at the six city Death Camps! They kill 40 dogs at a time. They will kill 100 cats in one fell swoop. There are 9 million people in Los Angeles--and they can't seem to find homes for even a few dogs, cats, or bunnies!

South LA in fact kills animals at 8:30 A.M.-- they want to "get it over with" early in their day. Most of the animals do not even receive the minimum 4-day holding period mandated by CA state law. (The Hayden law--also identified as SB 1785--prohibits the pounds from killing animals before the 4-day holding period has expired.)

Every day the LAAS puts out a "kill list." (I believe the Third Reich would put out lists of the people who were to go to the gas chambers that day.) The LAAS lists appear only on weekdays. (LAAS claims that they kill exclusively on weekdays.) So, the animals who are on the list on a Friday are slated to be killed on the following Tuesday.

They kill on Mondays, too, but they maintain that they don't kill on holidays. The excuse for the killing is usually "space"--what they always fall back on when they can't come up with any other rationale for killing. But they have carte blanche to kill for ANY reason--a sneeze, a minor cut, a growl, a swipe...

The truth is that "overcrowding" and "overpopulation" are myths. There is plenty of space (numerous empty cages and runs). One shelter stores paper plates and rolls of toilet tissue in row upon row of empty cages! Yet, they are killing dogs right and left! I have never seen the kill rate so extreme! They claim they are killing only the animals on the list--which would be grievous enough--but, lately, they have executed innumerable animals not on the list. They kill the listed animals prematurely--and the ISO dogs (in isolation because of a runny nose, a mild case of fleas, or any other condition that could easily be treated) are not even listed. They just disappear like the political dissenters used to in South America.

Another horrific occurrence concerns a beautiful one-year-old PUPPY! The pound generally way overestimates ages. This baby had enormous paws, so he obviously was only a few months old. He was a big, gorgeous, sweet, wrinkled, light tan Shar Pei-Mastiff mix.

A woman and her husband had come rushing over to the cage--pointing excitedly to the Shar Pei-Mastiff puppy. They scrambled to get one of the kennel employees. I naturally thought they were considering adopting the puppy. The kennel employee removed the dog from the cage and took him to the back.

It appeared as though these people were going to visit with the dog--get to know him before taking him home. I followed them to the back hallway, where I found out that they were not interested in adopting him--but instead reporting a small wound on his side. They thought they were doing a good deed...

(And, by the way, when people ARE interested in adopting an animal, the employees try to talk them out of it! They will tell the prospective adopter that the animals is sick or unsociable!) And if people DO insist on adopting an animal but don't have exact change, they are refused. If the person is willing to pay extra--make a donation of the difference to the shelter--he or she is turned down and the animal is killed.

Instead of treating the puppy's wound, the pound apparently killed him--since his record vanished from the website. That is precisely how the pound deals with any minor injury or medical condition--they simply snuff the animal! (The only way a record disappears like that is by the animal's being either adopted or killed.) I can guarantee the puppy did not get adopted after they took him behind those locked doors in the "medical" room.

I naively misjudged what I thought was the intent to let him live for a few more days--and I assumed that I could procure a rescuer. I should have known better! I am agonized with regret that I didn't think to put my name on him--to at least try to obtain a stay of execution. Frankly, the kennel employee who took him to the back probably would not have allowed me to do so--nor would the executioner likely have so permitted, either.

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