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September 20, 2005

ALF Strikes Home of LA Animal Services General Manager;
Career Bureaucrat Responsible for Needlessly Killing Companion Animals

Los Angeles- The underground Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has attacked the home of LA Animal Services (LAAS) general manager Guerdon Stuckey, and called on Mayor Villaraigosa to make good on his pledge to fire the incompetent bureaucrat. Stuckey was appointed by former Mayor James Hahn as a direct slap in the face to animal advocates, who had vociferously lobbied for an experienced, humane general manager who would stop the unnecessary killing of thousands of homeless companion animals.

A communiqué received by the Press Office reads in part : "The animal liberation front has taken advice from our Commander in Chief to "smoke terrorists out of their holes." the target was Los Angeles number One terrorist Gordon Stuckey. Military Strength Smoke grenades were detonated on the floor of this animal killers abode. Sleep light….alf"

Stuckey has no prior experience in humane animal welfare organizations and is just another bureaucrat who refuses to implement the progressive, common sense policies which are proven to drastically decrease the kill rate in shelters. Enraged activists campaigned heavily against ex-mayor Hahn, who had appointed Stuckey, taking credit in part for his defeat by Villaraigosa, who promised to fire Stuckey if elected. Nearly 3 months into his term, the new mayor has refused to honor his commitment.

Pamelyn Ferdin, a member of the Animal Defense League Los Angeles (ADL-LA), a legal, above ground animal-advocacy group that has a campaign to stop the killing at LAAS stated "ADL and other mainstream animal protection groups helped defeat Hahn and put in Villaraigosa, believing his pledge to help the 44,000 or more innocent animals being murdered by LAAS every year. By refusing to honor his word, the Mayor has incurred the anger of the humane community."

In a related attack, the veterinarian that oversees the killing at LAAS had her home life disrupted in other ways; according to a second communiqué, prostitutes, pizza deliverymen, taxis and gang members were directed to her residence at late hours on 2 recent nights.

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