The next San Jose protest will take place on Saturday, September 3rd at noon.

The monthly KFC protest in the San Jose area was held on Saturday, August 6th. Our group continues to grow, due mainly to our increased cross-posting on several websites and helpful email blasts from Peta. This protest had 12 people present, several of whom were new to our group. As the group's appointed "abused chicken," I was in a bright yellow chicken suit with a bandaged head, limping around with a crutch. Sorry, no photos were taken at this particular protest.

The protest started at noon at our "favorite" location on the corner of Bascom and Naglee in San Jose. We call it our favorite because this location's store manager always stresses out and calls the police on us - meaning that we are REALLY getting to them! This instance was no exception, as about halfway through the protest a police cruiser showed up and the officer spoke to a few of us, then remained to watch the duration of the protest. We are, of course, a law-abiding group - so there's nothing the police can ever do but watch. In fact, they are usually very nice and sometimes admit that they agree with the cause.

Many leaflets were handed out, there were a large number of supportive honks from drivers-by, and very few negative comments were heard. All said, this was a very successful protest.

The next San Jose protest will take place on Saturday, September 3rd at noon. We will be at the KFC at 983 Meridian Ave. in San Jose (between Willow and Fruitdale). All posters and leaflets provided. We usually stay about an hour. This recently-remodeled KFC is another great location where we usually receive a lot of honks and support. There is not usually a police presence at this location, but we still know we affect the managers, as they have often remarked to us, rather naively, that their business is greatly reduced when we show up (Duh!).