Photos of Miracle and her new family

Hi everyone,

Finally have some time to email you some of the happy adoptions we have had recently. Everyone remembers Miracle, I'm sure. She was a favorite of all.

A very nice mother and daughter drove up all the way from Florida to come get Miracle where she was being boarded at a Doggie Daycare here in Mechanicsville, VA.

The minute I took her into the boarding facility, and told of her story, she instantly became a favorite of all the workers. Miracle stayed up front a lot, and was treated like a queen. She stayed at the Daycare for two nights, and slept on a cot, with several new toys to play with. The workers of the center went out and bought Miracle a cute little bed, collar, and toys as a going away gift. The mother and daughter were in awe of her. They had lost their family pet awhile back, and had been searching the internet for the longest time. They knew she was the one for them the moment they saw her picture.

They recently emailed me to tell me how well she is doing, and how happy she has made their family.

Here are some of the photos just before she left with her new family.

There is one, a bit blurry of Miracle, but you can see her in the new bed they bought for her at the boarding facility. Oh, and Miracle got a nice bath and nail clip, as a going home present. Not a bad ending for a little girl who was chained up in someone's backyard for a month after they moved and left her.

Hope you enjoy!

Vicki Prince

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August 28, 2005

Story of what happened with Jacob and Jordan

I feel the need to write to all of you about what happened with Jacob and Jordan, so no one is misinformed as to what happened. Also, I hope you all know that I did everything in my power to save Jacob. My heart was very saddened by what took place.

A wonderful woman called the pound and wanted to rescue Jacob and Jordan from the very beginning. She called me at my home, and we talked for quite awhile. I remembered her from a couple months ago, when she rescued another dog. She seemed very sincere, and wanted to adopt these guys into her home, and help nurse them back to health. In the meantime, I had had several other folks express an interest in rescuing these poor little guys also. I had printed out all the emails, and kept them in my rescue book, so I would have a backup, just in case.

This woman paid for the dogs to be vetted, and was even paying for the boarding costs until she could pick them up on Saturday. I got a call from the pound Friday morning, that Jacob snapped at the vet while he was trying to vaccinate him. In spite of that, to my surprise, the vet was still going to allow this woman to have Jacob. They did tell me however, that the doctor wrote a note saying Jacob was not going to make a good pet, and that he was not in agreement with this adoption. This was the first time a dog was allowed to be adopted out after snapping at the vet. I thought, oh my gosh, we have really made some headway with getting these dogs out. He is finally allowing a dog to have a second chance even after snapping at him. Of course we all know it was probably out of fear. Nevertheless, I was really thrilled that he was going to allow him to still be adopted out. I felt that God had given Jacob a miracle.

Then later on Friday, I get a call from this woman. She said she had decided that she could not take Jacob. Said she already had three dogs, and was afraid the animal warden might find out, and take her dogs away. I told her that she was aloud five dogs in her home, by state law, but she still sounded very nervous about the whole thing. Then she said something about the fact that Jacob tried to bite the vet, and maybe she shouldn't take him. I tried to tell her it was because he was scared, and that he really was a very sweet dog. There was no changing her mind. I told her she had left me in a very bad position, and that at such short notice, I may not have enough time to save Jacob. (This was Friday, and Jacob was supposed to be euthanized Thursday). She then told me she had already called the pound and told them she didn't want to take them. I asked her if she knew whether Jacob was still alive or not, and she said she did not know, that she didn't want to call to find out.

I told her I had to hang up right away and try to save Jacob. She did not tell me until the end of the conversation that she had called the pound first. I was in a state of panic, as you can imagine. I called right away and talked with one of the girls. I asked if Jacob was still alive. They said yes. I asked if the doctor would give me until the end of the day to call the backups. She said probably not because the doctor had already made up his mind. She said she would ask, and to call back in about 10 minutes. I sat down and quickly sent an urgent request out for Jacob and Jordan. I then called back, and she said he was going to euthanize very soon. She said he was willing to let Jacob go to this woman, even after trying to bite him, but would not allow anyone else to take. I begged again. She said she was sorry. The doctor had made his decision and there was nothing anyone could do.

I was just sick about what had happened. I felt so sorry for Jacob. I then asked about Jordan. She told me Jordan had a collar on, and actually had three more days to live. I told her not to do anything until I called back. I immediately sent out another email about what had just happened to Jacob, and that Jordan was still in dyer need of rescuing. Then a wonderful woman, Patricia Breen, called the pound and immediately told them she would take Jordan. She met my transporter Saturday and they got Jordan.

I sent two emails out to everyone about Jordan's current situation. One about how sick she was, and another from a woman who is fostering Jordan. I hope you all got them. Jordan is doing a bit better, but still has a ways to go.

So that is what happened. I hope you all understand that I was totally powerless to save Jacob. All of you that know me, know how hard I work to save these guys. I felt terrible. But when the vet makes up his mind, no one can change it. That is the policy of the pound. It is also something I have had to learn to deal with and accept since starting this rescue. His decisions are final. And no, I have no legal rights to run down to the pound and pull a dog to safety if the doctor is going to euthanize. I had someone yell at me because I did not do that, and she blamed me for Jacob's death. Again, I am so sorry that this happened, but know that at least Jacob was euthanized humanely. He is now in heaven, and will not have to ever suffer again at the hands of ignorant humans. By that, I mean the cold hearted person who allowed Jacob to starve, and end up in the pound in the first place. That person, I believe, will someday have to answer to what happened to Jacob.

I said in my email to all of you, before this happened, that I gave these two biblical names because I knew God was looking down upon them, ashamed at what the human race had done to them. I knew Jacob would have a hard way to go. But I also believe things happen for a reason. In the end....God takes care of us all!!!

Thanks for all your emails about Jacob and Jordan. They will truly always be the two that will touch me the most. In Jacob's memory, I will continue to rescue ones like him, and keep fighting to give them all the second chance they so truly deserve.

God Bless you all,

Vicki Prince

This vet has shown repeatedly via his actions that he has no compassion for animals. Does he receive county funds to run this facility? Is there a more compassionate vet or group that could take on this responsibility? Is there no one other than Vicki speaking up for these animals? If this is a county-run facility, are county supervisors aware of this vet's track record?

I know the rescue group I'm affiliated with has claimed several dogs from this facility that ended up being euthanized after we'd agreed to take them. One had heartworm, so the vet deemed it unworthy of treatment, even though we were willing to take him in any condition. Another was deemed "un-adoptable" because it growled at the vet when he took it out of its run. It was obvious by his photos, that the poor dog was scared to death. Another was lost during transport and was never seen again.

While rescue groups are willing to go to any lengths to help a dog in need, it is simply too heartbreaking to step up to the plate to help these dogs, become emotionally involved, and then learn that they were needlessly destroyed or simply lost in transport.

How many dogs have to suffer the same fate before changes are made?