August 23, 2005
Photos taken at KFC demo

Thought you might like to see some of the people watching our PETA videos of Kentucky Fried Chicken factory farm abuses of chickens, this past Saturday night in Greenwich Village, NYC. These pictures will also be going by snail mail to the KFC officers and board of directors this week. Thanks to Dolores, Noam, Tara and Adam for their work at this demonstration.
    --Charlie Zigmund

Here are some pictures of people watching our video in front of a KFC store. Charles tried to capture the expressions on people's faces as they watched the chickens being horribly abused. People were really shocked. I got a couple of converts on the spot. The most common comment was : "That's fucked up, man!" Our location is right on a very popular village strip where we compete with two tattoo parlors and people just strolling up and down the sidewalk. Nobody really seems to be going anywhere; they just hang out on the sidewalk, leaning up against the parked cars and showing off for each other.