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August 2005 with (category-location of the story)
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Miracle the Dog -- Aug 28. Photos of Miracle's new family. Tribulations of dog rescue.
Rescue in Gaza -- Animal Rescue
Humans_in_Zoo -- Humans in Cages at London Zoo
Don Imus Ranch -- Ranch for kids, serves vegan food.
Circus demo -- Aug 21. Ringling Bros' Circus demo and leafleting in Oakland
Desert Tort Shell -- Desert Tortoise Gets Fiberglass Shell
UnderDog Railroad -- volunteers haul rescued canines long distances to new homes.
AR & NM -- Aug 24. The campaign against the Newchurch guinea pig farm may have shocked, but Nelson Mandela would understand it.
Speaking 4
-- "Are some animals are more equal than others?"
Pig Hunt -- Calif. activists Seek Injunction Against Wild Pig Hunt
Terror -- Terror From the Right. Almost 60 terrorist plots uncovered in the U.S.
KFC Protest -- Aug 23. Greenwich Village Protest.
Warchol -- Don't be cruel: For Joshua Warchol, it's not just about nutrition
Black Peta Exhibit -- Peta Throws Bomb in New Haven. Shall I Compare Thee to a Freaking Cow?
G. Dean Comments -- Aug. 22. Animal Rights Activist And "Recovering Objectivist" Cries Foul!
Canadian Reform -- Aug 18. The Canadian livestock industry goes for public relations
San Jose KFC Prot -- The next San Jose protest will take place on Saturday, September 3rd at noon.
Mears Dog -- A couple spent 4,000 on bringing back a starving dog that followed them for eight hours while on a holiday trek.
Chandler Covance -- Aug 17. Animal-rights group targets biotech firm, by Edythe Jensen
Mad Cow Rules -- Aug 15. More Mad Cow violations in USA
Dublin Fur Protest -- Woman is 'Beaten' Outside Dublin Fur Store
China - Cat -- Cat dropping experiment stirs pet welfare concerns
Recusant -- Are you recusant? Sometimes I am. (Vocabulary lesson)
PETA vs KFC -- Aug 6. Lansing, Michigan. Graphic protests aimed at customers haven't pushed KFC to change suppliers' slaughterhouse rules
Beirut E T A -- Aug 6. Activists work to provide 'paradise' for stray animals
Naked City -- Aug 5. Reflections on the liberation of monkeys, and other animals, too, by Diana Welch
San Fran Vegetarians -- Aug. 5. Bay Area vegetarians spread the word about life without meat
Activist Won't Testify -- Aug. 3. San Diego, CA. Another activist refuses to testify.
CCF -- Aug. 3. The sham that is the Center For Consumer Freedom (ALFront/AgainstALF)
Meatpackers -- Aug 3. Meatpacking's Human Toll
Birds rescued -- Aug. 3. Baby birds rescued from shipments. Farm Sanctuary takes surviving chicks and turkey peeps, offers them for adoption.
PETA -- Do YOU think PETA kills animals?
Use4violence -- 'There is a Use for Violence in Our Movement' -- anti-AR piece
Rabbits are really chickens (.pdf file) -- according to the USDA. See the New York Times advertisement.
ALF Prisoners need support -- August 1. List of ALF POWs.