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Japan Mad Cow -- July 25. Japanese food safety regulators were shocked by a new Ministry of Agriculture study revealing that nearly half of Japanese confirmed mad cow cases would not have been discovered if the nation had been using U.S. testing techniques.
Bullring Protest -- July 23. Bull fight Protest; Spain.
One Struggle -- DISPOSABLE LIVES: How Animal Liberation Can Affect Us All
More Vegets -- July 24. Increasing number of teens going green
Stop the Dog Killing.avi 3mb. Mayor of Bucharest.
Free CU34 -- Free the CU 34 Protests at Board of Regents Meeting
Korean Consulate -- July 15. Protest at Korean Consulate, San Francisco
Denver Massacre -- July 21. The city has banned Pitbulls and is rounding them up to be destroyed.
CCFraud -- Center for Consumer Fraud
AR Ireland -- July 20. Animal rights activists in plea for lifestyle change
Davis Protest -- July 18. Protesters picket primate provisions, by Sharon Stello
Best in UK -- July 17. US animal rights fanatic in Britain vows to break law, by Daniel Foggo
Ondine Sherman -- For the Voiceless
Fresno Protest -- July 15. Circus Animal cruelty protests ends in arrests
Bombay Ban -- July 10. Bombay Exiles Its Meat Eaters
ASU Hen Advocate -- July 9. Reasa Haggard is trying to persuade university officials to serve cage-free eggs on campus.
Dairy Advertisements -- Dairy and Meat advertisements distort the truth (Practical / Health)
Wegman's Cruelty --
July 2. Activists take on Wegmans: Chicken-cruelty charge and video rebuffed by execs, others
Animal history -- July 2. History from a wolf's perspective? or a cow's? A new breed of thinkers looks beyond Homo sapiens
 (Morality / Speciesism)
Sabina De Giacomo -- July 2. No Kill -- No Other Solution says Dr. Sabina De Giacomo (Practical / Pet Care)
CU Monkey Shines -- July 1. CU gets flak over monkey study. Organization blasts ongoing research into alcohol abuse