Free the CU 34 Protests at Board of Regents Meeting

For 17 years, Mark Laudenslager conducted cruel maternal separation experiments on macaque monkeys at the University of Colorado (CU) using millions of dollars in taxpayers' money. These experiments continued despite the fact that almost identical research had already been performed decades earlier. Funding for Laudenslager's experiments was finally withdrawn in 2003 after years of public pressure, but since then, the 34 monkeys have been housed with the subjects of other heartless experiments in the basement of a crumbling building on the CU campus. The dilapidated building, the monkey's current barren home, does not meet minimum U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) housing standards.
    For two years, IDA's Rita Anderson and other members of Free the CU 34 have fought to have these primates transferred to a sanctuary that has already agreed to provide for their care. However, CU officials are demanding an outrageous $10,000 to $15,000 for each of the 34 monkeys. The group showed up at a June 29th Board of Regents meeting to protest the continued imprisonment of the CU34, some wearing monkey suits and masks to draw attention to the animals' plight. Their silent protest was covered by the CU faculty newspaper.

Click link to send an email message to the CU Regents asking them to send the CU 34 monkeys to a waiting sanctuary.