December 11, 2005

Federal Agents, Frustrated and Publicly Humiliated,
Arrest Six Activists for 7-Year-Old Acts of Sabotage

Eugene, OR- On Wednesday, federal agents arrested six activists suspected of arsons at four locations and the 1999 destruction of an electric transmission tower in the Northwest; included were two men charged with an arson at a federal animal testing laboratory in Olympia in June 21, 1998.

All of the alleged incidents occurred between 1998 and 2001, and the arrests come weeks after the public humiliation of John Lewis, Deputy Director of the FBI, on CBS News’ 60 Minutes. After detailing 1200 incidents of direct action in which eco-saboteurs had taken responsibility, causing more than $100 million in damages, Lewis repeatedly was forced to answer no one had been held responsible.

Dr. Jerry Vlasak, who also appeared on the same 60 Minutes program said "Luckily for these brave men and women who are willing to risk their lives and freedom in the fight to save our planet and her inhabitants, the FBI has trouble catching a cold. Its obvious these latest 6 activists rounded up are being put on display by a frustrated Lewis and his henchmen, and have little likelihood of being convicted for these actions occurring so many years ago."

One of the activists’ court-appointed attorneys, David Barrow, agreed with Dr. Vlasak, saying that in an attempt to cast a wide net against terrorists, federal authorities are capturing innocent, peaceful people. "It's a sad age we're living in," Barrow said.

For more information and recent news stories on the arrest, visit the Animal Liberation Press Office website.