Dec 2, 2005
Dog and Cat fur

L-R: Rick Swain (Humane Society International),
Heather Mills McCartney, Rick Wakeman.
European Parliament, Brussels, March 1st 2005

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to sign our Dog & Cat Fur Petition to EU Commissioner, Markos Kyprianou urging him to implement a ban on the trade of dog and cat fur from Asia to Europe. It is important that the Commission receives letters and signatures from as many EU member states as possible to demonstrate that outrage against this barbaric trade is strong throughout the European Union. Please ask your European friends to sign our petition and to write to their own Ministers calling for a ban in their particular country as well as the EU.

In the photo on the right Rick Swain is holding the pelt of a skinned cat, Heather Mills McCartney is holding a coat made from 31 brown cats and Rick Wakeman is holding a rug made from 4 golden retriever dogs. At the conference, Struan Stevenson MEP also showed a coat made from 42 alsatian puppies.

78 animals had to suffer a cruel and vicious death to make 4 garments.......Please help us put an end to this barbaric trade.

We have provided a way of downloading the letters in Acrobat PDF documents with all your address details populated so that all you have to do is print and sign. We do not store your address details in ANY way and they are used solely for the purpose of you printing the letters. Click here to launch the letters.

Our best regards,

All the team at