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 December 2005
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Meat Is Murder 05-12-29 US   Dr Jerry Vlasak reminds the media that meat is murder Activism
Sheffield U 05-12-22 UK   Did a British university sell out to Procter & Gamble? Animal Testing
Thames Bobbies 05-12-22 UK   Thames Valley Police Officers Arrest Peaceful Protestor Activism, arrests
US Justice 05-12-27 US   Dogs convinced me of need for judicial reform Law
Sea Shepherd 05-12-27 Aus-Japan   Captain Paul Watson Responds to Hiroshi Hatanaka, the Director-General of the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research Activism, Whale
parakeets2 05-12-25 US, CT   Parakeets merit respect from UI Activism, parrots
Austria Ban 05-12-22 Austria   Austria Bans Experiments on Primates politics
Farley Mowat 05-12-22 Aus-Japan   Sea Shepherd's Marley Fowat is in pursuit of Japanese whalers Activism, Whale
Greenpeace 05-12-21 Aus-Japan   Greenpeace disrupts whaling off Japan Activism, Whale
Boar Lib 05-12-23 UK   Boars liberated from a North Devon farm. Animal Lib.
Michelson 05-12-21 US, CA   Gary Karlin Michelson helps LA's animal problem AR supporters
Judge quits 05-12-21 US, DC   Upset over revelations about secret spying authorized by the president and the legality of it, federal judge James Robertson decided to step down politics
FBI in Indiana 05-12-21 US, IN   ACLU claims FBI planned to spy at IU politics
ADL Lawsuit 05-12-21 US, CA   ADL-Los Angeles Files Multi-Million Dollar Claim Against City Attorney, Other Officials politics
Arson Probe 05-12-17 US, OR   Environmental-arson probe has Eugene activists on edge Activism, arrests
ADL Lawsuit 05-12-17 US, CA   L.A. city attorney goes after animal rights activists politics
Whale Rescue 05-12-16 US, CA   Daring rescue of whale off Farallones Activism, Rescue
Stuckey Fired 05-12-16 US, CA   Animal manager gets axed. 'No-kill' backer to head animal control agency politics
Stuckey Fired 2 05-12-16 US, CA

  Extremists muck up debate over policy at L.A. shelters

Buffalo Campaign 05-12-15 US, MT   Update on Montana Buffalo Hunt Hunting, Buffalo
China on AR 05-12-13 China   China Daily newspaper says "Let us respect animal rights" Media
Sea Shepherd Trial 05-12-14 Canada   NAALF Press Officer and 10 Other Sea Shepherd Crew To Stand Trial for Defending Seals Activism, arrests
Larry King-fur 05-12-12 US   Transcript of Larry King show about dog and cat fur from China Media
FBI Arrests 05-12-11 US, OR

  Federal Agents, Frustrated and Publicly Humiliated, Arrest Six Activists for 7-Year-Old Acts of Sabotage

Activism, arrests
Philly Protest 05-12-08 US, PA   Demonstration called for consumers to eat a vegetarian diet as a means to avoid bird flu Activism, protest
Buffalo Hunt 05-12-08 US, MT   Update on Montana Buffalo Hunt Hunting, Buffalo
6 Arrested 05-12-08 US, OR   6 people arrested for Northwest ecoterrorism attacks Activism, arrests
Bear Hunt Arrests 05-12-08 US, NJ   4 Bear Hunt Opponents Arrested Activism, Bear
British hen rescuer 05-12-07 UK   British Hen Rescuer found NOT GUILTY Activism, Hen
Katrina rescue 05-10-x US, LA   5 kb wmv 2-1/2 minute movie Activism, Rescue
Verdict on Sealers 05-12-07 World   International Court of Justice for Animal Rights Law, AR
Bear hunt 05-12-07 US, NJ   Status and statistics of the bear hunt Activism, Bear
Dogs Laugh 05-12-06 US   Have you heard the one about the laughing dogs? Pets, Care
Monk parakeets 05-12-06 US, CT   Parrots get a months reprieve Activism, Parrots
Heather Mills 05-12-02 UK   Dog and Cat Fur Activism, Fur
Rescuers are Saints 05-12-04 US   Rescuers Have Walked Among Saints Activism, Essays
Monk news 05-12-02 US, CT   Darien's Friends of Animals defends nesting parakeets Activism, Parrots
Response 2 Rod C 05-12-02 US   Responses to comments by Rod Coronado Activism, Essays
China dog story 05-11-29 UK   McCartney boycotts China over fur Activism, Fur
Monk Battle 05-12-02 US, CT   Officials defer to feds on parakeets. Struggle brings arrest for parakeet protester. Activism, Parrots
Wellington Protest 05-12-01 New Z.   Three Animal Rights activists arrested in Wellington, NZ. Activism, Pigs