December 21, 2005

Animal Defense League-Los Angeles Files Multi-Million Dollar
Claim Against City Attorney, Other Officials

Los Angeles, CA-. In response to the blatant lies and egregious misrepresentation of facts by City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and other City of Los Angeles (City) officials at a news conference last Friday, the Animal Defense League (ADL-LA) filed a 3 million dollar claim and pleading papers today in court. At the news conference last Friday, Delgadillo stated that ADL is a criminal enterprise and a terrorist organization; actually ADL-LA is a non-profit California corporation that operates in wholly legal ways to stop the unnecessary and senseless slaughter of over 44,000 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits and wildlife in LA’s six city animal shelters which are virtual Death Camps.

In 2003, not long after the start of ADL-LA’s campaign, the City Attorney’s office, via prosecutors Vivienne Swanigan and Hugo Rossiter, tried unsuccessfully to prosecute Animal Defense League-LA members in a civil case. An anti-Slapp suit successfully won ADL-LA thousands of dollars because of civil rights violations by the City. A little over a year later, two female co-defendants who had been arrested at an ADL-LA protest (one represented by Mr. Uribe, the other in Pro Per) won a unanimous acquittal against city attorney special prosecutor Spencer Hart in criminal court.

ADL-LA has been victorious against Delgadillo’s multiple attempts to squash their freedom of speech and right to protest. ADL-LA has been the most vocal group to ever challenge, expose and hold accountable the corrupt, cruel and mismanaged Department of LA Animal Services, and has successfully ousted several animal abusing, inept employees. Because ADL-LA refuses to allow the City Attorney and Local SEIU 347 representative, Julie Butcher, to silence their freedom to protest on behalf of "animals", the city is now using slander and defamation tactics to try and destroy ADL-LA in the court of public opinion.

The press conference on Friday by the City, was held to let the public know that Stuckey would no longer be General Manager of LA Animal Services and to also announce fourteen criminal charges against the corporate entity of ADL-LA, with the stated goal of bankrupting, dissolving and ruining the reputation of ADL-LA and it’s members and supporters.

ADL-LA’s lead attorney John J. Uribe states "McCarthyism has come to LA in the form of Rocky Delgadillo and his henchmen. My clients have all been above ground, legal, albeit vocal protestors who have done what all activists do for their cause--take to the streets of this city to expose and change a city department that has been hiding from the public the atrocities perpetrated daily on homeless and lost animals."

Pamelyn Ferdin, President of ADL-LA said: "Mr. Uribe and his team of passionate and compassionate legal scholars are doing what all ethical lawyers are supposed to do, represent and defend those individuals who follow in the foot steps of freedom fighters like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Caesar Chavez and most recently Cindy Sheehan, making sure that we are allowed to engage in activities which our forefathers fought and died for. We need to be able to flex those muscles of freedom which the Government, when it becomes too arrogant and powerful, tries to crush."