More on Pound Seizures

Pound seizures are usually compensated for i.e. the pound gets money per head of animal seized (I speak of France, but I cannot imagine it's any different in the States). I wondered for years why some vets have a prepensity for euthanizing sick animals. People have told me they have gone on to treat so-called 'condemned by one vet' animals who then lived years afterwards. Well, the trick is that some of these vets 'euthanize' your animal, even in your presence, but not really. They use a drug that knocks the animal out until you are gone. Then they deliver the animal via a network of pounds, animal protection associations (!) etc, for a price, and the animal ends up in a laboratory. Moral of the story, it's not enough to be present when your animal is euthanized. If you're not 100% sure of your vet, take your animal's body yourself (after a day or two) to a reputable private cremation service, or bury it as local regulations may permit.

Sad but true, we're living in a highly dishonest world, and we can't be too careful... Our animals (all animals) are only one means of better exploiting US, which is the objective of all animal exploitation. WE are the ultimate targets. Once the public wakes up to that fact, we can begin to make some strides.