Primate Protesting in Madison, Wisconsin

Activists ratcheted up their opposition to animal experiments at UW-Madison this week by parking a truck with giant video screens outside the homes of animal researchers and broadcasting footage to neighbors of what they said was the torture of monkeys at a campus lab.

Wednesday was the fourth and final night of the group's planned demonstrations in residential neighborhoods. Seven people's homes were visited over the four nights.

"We want to embarrass them," said Jeremy Beckham, 20, of Madison, the main organizer. "We want to educate their neighbors and get them against what's happening."
One of Wednesday's stops was a return visit to the home of Joseph Kemnitz, a researcher and director of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center. The group had demonstrated at his home Saturday. Kemnitz's home also had been a target of protesters in 1997.
Protester Sue McKean, 41, of Middleton said she was diagnosed with muscular sclerosis seven years ago but does not support animal research. "At the very least, we must enhance the living conditions of monkeys," she said.

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