The last few weeks have been quite telling in regard to the humane community and Mayor Villa La GROSSA. Let's recap, so you can put this all into perspective.

First, the Mayor met with Animal Defense League-Los Angeles. (See under ACTION ALERTS : 10/23/05 Villariagosa Meeting Wrap-Up and Brunson's letter )

As soon as ADL-LA met with the Mayor, we let the humane community know what transpired and our feelings about the meeting. Some "moderates"-or so they have now been dubbed by Dr. Charlotte Laws and others - threw a "hissy fit," stomping their feet and wailing: "Why did the Mayor meet with ADL-LA and not with US? We've been polite and have NEVER so much as held up a poster! Yet, the Mayor chose to meet with those radicals!"

ADL-LA asks: Did the "moderates" ever consider that it's BECAUSE they have been doing the same things year after year--begging politely for crumbs from the Commission and the GM, while complaining about others behind their backs because they aren't seeing any progress via courtesy, candlelight vigils and potlucks? We learned from the 90s that "please" and "thank you" don't cut it! But, pardon us, we digress...

Two ADL-LA demonstrations later - one at Paramount Studios and one in Villa La Grossa's vicinidad - some "moderates" DID, in fact, secure a meeting with Hizzoner. And what was the outcome? Well, a "leaked" e-mail floating around cyberspace explained a bit about what had been discussed at the 'highly confidential' meeting. First, however, it had to be sent to the Mayor for "approval"!

Allow us to remind you that this is the same Mayor who lied to his constituents regarding the fact that he would remain for his full term as council member; he didn't do anything to help animals while a council member; he voted FOR Stuckey as GM; and - worst of all - BLATANTLY LIED to the humane community and now has the blood of thousands of innocent animals on his hands!

From his first day in office, a stroke of the pen could have fired the inept and incompetent GM and replaced him with someone who would save animals' lives - but he did not do the right thing.

Another occurrence of the past few weeks - one about which everyone in the humane community is waiting for the Commission to stand up and do something - is the firing of Dr. Laura Cochrane (who tried to save lives and promoted no-kill) by Cassandria Smith and Guerdon Stuckey.

Will the Commission use its "powers" to reinstate Dr. Cochrane? Are they going to fire Dr. Smith (the stay-at-home Head Executioner)? Are they EVER going to issue a no-confidence Vote in Stuckey, like many people in the humane community have been urging them for months to do?

But, again, accept our humblest apologies - for we digress...

Apparently, the "moderates" thought that AV's promise to keep the rest of the Commission intact was a great victory, but we at ADL-LA contend that unless Brunson is reinstated and Glenn Brown (a man who doesn't even WANT to be on the LAAS Commission) is removed, those of us intractable "militants, radicals, psychos, and extremists on the lunatic fringe" - as opposed to the "reasonable and cooperative 'moderates'" - see this as NO victory AT ALL.

Brunson gave hundreds of thousands of dollars a year of spay/neuter services to the city and helped buy the city's first spay/neuter van! Of all the Commissioners, why was SHE fired? Many in the humane community have stated to ADL-LA that Villa La Grossa picked the wrong Commissioner to fire - and the animals will pay with their lives. (More in next post.)

But, again, with just a stroke of the pen, the Mayor can reinstate Brunson and seat Brown on another commission where this investigator for Workman's Comp cases can continue to go to city parties and hobnob with the "municipal insiders." If the Mayor truly had what it takes to be a real leader, he would accept the fact that he made the wrong decision in firing Brunson and correct his mistake.

So, where do the animals fit in to all this mess? Well, the truth is that they don't fit - but are nonetheless stuffed--into the garbage trucks which cart their limp bodies off to a disposal facility to be ground up into fertilizer and pet food.

ADL-LA is committed to making sure that Stuckey IS replaced by a competent, dedicated, and compassionate General Manager. Maybe said NEW manager might start by reinstating Dr. Cochrane - so she can begin to set an example for the other lazy, unethical killer vets who sit on their rumps ordering their servile techs to administer the injections of "Fatal Plus" to those who will never again feel the wind through their fur or the sun on their backs.

The one ray of sunshine in all this is the fact that a lawyer who runs the non-profit Animals Anonymous, Theresa Macellaro, hosted Nathan Winograd's L.A. No Kill Seminar Saturday night. Over 200 individuals from the humane community packed the room to listen to Mr. Winograd's inspiring and educational presentation. Ms. Macellaro paid for the conference room, and bought all the food and drinks for the audience! She also aired at the beginning of his presentation, two adoption/spay/neuter commercials in Spanish that she had produced. After the presentation, someone in the audience inquired about these ad's because they were so compelling. Apparently, Macellaro got wealthy donors together (just like she did for the city's spay/neuter mobile) and raised enough money to air these commercials hundreds of times on prime time local Spanish stations throughout Los Angeles.

Winograd was of course incredible and exposed the "myth-information" that has been floating around for years and gave the audience the insight into how to overcome this and get to No Kill. It was a terrific event which was attended by a huge variety of individuals who now realize that No Kill can be a reality here in LA with the right General Manager. Stuckey has refused to attend Winograd's three-day seminars on No Kill not once, but TWICE - and doesn't agree with Winograd's philosophy or his proven No Kill policies. So, no surprise that he was, once again, a No-Show! In fact, those in LAAS who could have used this seminar the most - including the corrupt David Diliberto; the lazy Dr. Smith; and the surly head of Local 347, Julie Butcher - were nowhere to be found.

In closing, if the past three weeks have taught us anything, it's that we must continue our focus and demand that Stuckey be replaced; nothing less will do. Once we have a competent, compassionate, and courageous GM in place - who will embrace Winograd's No Kill philosophy and work with him and the humane community - then we can ALL begin our team effort to turn this city into NO KILL for shelter animals, and ADL-LA can move on to other important life saving animal issues!

Tomorrow, another "shelter" article is coming out in City Beat by reporter Annette Stark. Hopefully it will be as hard hitting as her last one. Her courage and dedication in using all her journalistic skills to get to the bottom of a story is not only refreshing in this day and age, but is imperative to helping our city's animals. We will have it for you via e-mail if you can't pick it up yourself on the newsstands.