Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Co. continues to be the leading institutional investor holding in excess of 600,000 shares of LSRI stock (Huntingdon Life Sciences) worth more than $6,000,000.

Protests and demonstrations at both the office and homes of key DGHM Executives are being held on a constant basis. DGHM's main office is in New York City on prestigious Fifth Avenue. Please support those that are manning the picket lines by making phone calls, sending e-mails and letters to the folks at DGHM. Ask them to get out of the puppy killing business and to wash the blood of innocent animals off of their hands.

Keep print a copy of these numbers and addresses and make those calls and send those letters throughout the week. Win Animal Rights will not back down until we hear that DGHM has sold every last share of LSRI stock. Throughout this week we will be announcing additional contact information and personal details about the Dalton, Greiner executive management team. Join us on this critical mission for the over 70,000 animals languishing in the HLS death camps. Behind the razor wire fences and locked doors of the lab, their cries and their voices cannot be heard. They are counting on you. Will you speak out for them?

Note: Some companies have screens and filters for their e-mail accounts. If key words are in your subject header (use your imagination of this) or you include attachments, your mail may be automatically rejected. On the other hand, if your e-mail pertains to business, it has a better chance of making it through. You might want to check the company bios here: http://www.dghm.net/biograph.htm. You might find that you have something in common with a staffer or you may just want to inquire about investment opportunities. If your e-mail is clearly a message about DGHM's investment in LSRI or HLS, chances are that it will be screened out. Let's continue to keep our correspondence polite and business oriented. Afterall, we are all potential investors and many of us won't invest in companies that invest in animal cruelty. So, your correspondence is related to DGHM business and your e-mails contain vital information that relates to DGHM business.

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TDalton@dghm.com - Tim Dalton
JBaker@dghm.com - Jeff Baker
CFiorito@dghm.com - Christina Fiorito
KGreiner@dghm.com - Ken Greiner
SBruno@dghm.com - Stephen Bruno
PGulli@dghm.com - Peter Gulli
AAlmeida@dghm.com - Adriano Almeida
bgorman@dghm.com - Bob Gorman Tel: 1-212-557-2445
rruch@dghm.com - Renee Ruch Tel: 1-212-557-2445
pdouglas@dghm.com - Pamela O. Douglas Marketing Manager Tel: 212-557-2445
kschnetzer@dghm.com - Karen M. Schnetzer Portfolio Administrator Tel: 239-261-1182
akelly@dghm.com - Allison M. Kelly Portfolio Administrator
mcasey@dghm.com - Mona Lisa T. Casey Portfolio Administrator Tel: 239-261-1182
edonalds@dghm.com - Erika B. Donalds Portfolio Administrator Tel: 239-261-1182, Fax: 239-261-0648
tjones@dghm.com - Tricia D. Jones, Office Manager
lcanty@dghm.com - Elizabeth C. Canty, Administrative Assistant
rwatsek@dghm.com - Randy Watsek

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Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Company
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Fax: 212-557-4898

Parent Company
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

Executive Management
Mark D. Thompson, Chief Executive Officer
James D. Dawson President
James D. Henderson, Executive Vice President
Barbara M. Houlihan, Executive Vice President
Amy E. Hunter, Executive Vice President
Pilar Pueyo, Senior Vice President
Anne L. Randall, Executive Vice President
George G. Schwartz, Executive Vice President
James C. Brown, Senior Vice President
Ann M. Dolan, Executive Secretary Tel: 617-912-4211 Fax: 617-912-4559


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TDalton@dghm.com, JBaker@dghm.com,
CFiorito@dghm.com, KGreiner@dghm.com,
SBruno@dghm.com, PGulli@dghm.com,
AAlmeida@dghm.com, bgorman@dghm.com,
rruch@dghm.com, pdouglas@dghm.com,
kschnetzer@dghm.com, akelly@dghm.com,
mcasey@dghm.com, edonalds@dghm.com,
tjones@dghm.com, lcanty@dghm.com

rwatsek@dghm.com, MThompson@bostonprivatebank.com,
JDawson@bostonprivatebank.com, JHenderson@bostonprivatebank.com,
BHoulihan@bostonprivatebank.com, AHunter@bostonprivatebank.com,
PPueyo@bostonprivatebank.com, ARandall@bostonprivatebank.com,
GSchwartz@bostonprivatebank.com, JBrown@bostonprivatebank.com,
info@bostonprivatebank.com, careers@bostonprivatebank.com

For more information contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R. at: centcom@war-online.org
or check out the WAR website at: http://war-online.org