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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Villa La Grossa) promised his ballroom audience, last Thursday night at the Airtel Plaza Hotel event, that he would fix thousands of potholes in Los Angeles.

Wow, Tony! You are the Pothole Prince!!! OK, it's a bummer to drive over some of those little dents--and we concede the need for repair--but is that the best you can do for L.A.?

The 50,000 lives being sacrificed at the six city Death Camps every year don't seem to occupy too lofty a position on your mayoral agenda--despite a very clear promise you made to THEM! (And is anybody naive enough to believe ANY promise you make?)

That broken promise to the animals is why we were there, making enough noise with our bullhorns for everyone in that ballroom to hear our raucous chants and scathing message.

Your listeners had to be wondering why people were out in front, screaming, "Hey, Antonio, what do you say? How many animals did you kill today?" They must have been curious about what promise you broke and why. Well, we told them!

They learned about the rows of empty cages in the shelters that store paper plates and rolls of toilet paper. They found out about Jason Avery, a 347 union employee, who beat a little cat "Tigra" over the head and returned her, bleeding from both her nose and mouth, semi-conscious, to her cage (her escape from which incurred the savage and ultimately fatal assault). Where was Cassandria Smith, then, Tony? Dr. Death let "Tigra" lie there unattended while she and her "killer vets" administered "Fatal Plus" to legions of healthy, treatable, adoptable animals!