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 November 2005
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Inhofe Expose 05-11-x US, DC   Expose of the Infamous Senator politics
Vlasak-Senate 05-11-x US, DC   Dr. Jerry Vlasak's statement to the terror Sentate sub-committee politics
Coats 4 Cubs 05-11-26 US, MA   Massachusetts AR Coalition on Fur Free Friday Activism, fur
Vlasak & dissention 05-11-x US, CA   To those who fear Jerry Vlasak causes dissention Activism, essay
Monk Parakeets 05-11-27 US, CT   Eradication of Parakeets Draws Protests Activism, Parrots
NJ Bear Hunt 05-11-20 US, NJ   New Jersey bear hunt protestors Activism, bear
Operation Parakeet 05-11-19 US, CT   Activists take to streets for put-upon parakeets Activism, parrots
Rod C Statement 05-11-19 US   Statement by Rod Coronado on the AL movement ALF Premise
Monk Parakeets 05-11-18 US, NJ   NJ Wild Parrot Nest Teardowns postponed until 2006
  see also
Activism, parrots
ADLLA Kirariley 05-11-18 US, CA   KIRARILEY's post to ADL-LA, and response politics
Cruelty maps 05-11-17 US   Interactive Animal Cruelty Maps Abuse Correlate
Madonna 05-11-16 US, CA   Madonna gives up hunting after watching bird die Musicians
Heather McCartney 05-11-17 UK   Auction of "Veganized" Cadillac activism, charity
Penn St Fur Prot 05-11-18 US, PA   Fur protest challenges downtown clothing store Activism, fur
Long Island Deer 05-11-17 US, NY   Long Island Deer Kill Suspended Two Days After Strike Activism, deer
Bear Hunt Sabs 05-11-16 US, NJ   Now Recruiting Bear Hunt Saboteurs Activism, Bear
Ginny the Dog 4 Cats 05-11-15 US   Hero dog to be cats' meow Pet, story
Vlasak-Ninjas 05-11-14 US, CA   Behind The Story: Ed Bradley Vs. Eco-Ninjas in Harlem Activism
Hearts of Katrina 05-11-14 US, LA   Tiny Heartbeats Amid Katrina's Wreckage Activism, rescue
No Kill & HSUS 05-11-13 US   Why Won't the HSUS sign a no-kill pledge? essay
Ingrid on Ebay 05-11-12 US

  Ingrid auctioned on Ebay. PETA answers questions from bidders.

New Animal Views 05-11-12 World   Westerners are changing the way they see animals, study shows philosophy
Pot Hole Prince 05-11-12 US, CA   More on Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa politics
Vlasak on 60 Minutes 05-11-10 US, CA   Dr. Jerry Vlasak on TV show "60 Minutes", Nov 13 Activism
Mean Streets of LA 05-11-10 US, CA   Recap of last few weeks in regard to the humane community and Mayor Villa La GROSSA. politics
LA Jungle 05-11-09 US, CA   Guerdon Stuckey has thrown the LAAS department into disarray politics
Trader Joes 05-11-08 US, CA   Trader Joe's Gives Birds Something to Sing About Activism, hens
Angel Dogs 05-11-7 US   Stories compiled by Angel Animals Novels
Monkey luv 05-11-7 US, CA   Primates Are People, Too Speciesism
Slip Sliding 05-11-7 US, NY   Operation "Slip Sliding" Continues Activism
PETA crisis 05-11-6 US, VA   Publicity Pimps and Extreme Schemes: PETA's Public Relations Crisis and the Future of Animal Welfare Movement Activism
Eternal Treblinka 05-11-6 US, NY   Author of 'Eternal Treblinka' Returns His Graduate Degrees to Columbia University to Protest Its Horrific Experiments on Animals Activism, protest
PC Foxes Hunters 05-11-5 UK   PC Foxes the Hunters Activism, fox
Villaraigosa 05-11-4 US, CA   Villaraigosa Home Demo Wrap Up! politics
Charlotte Laws 05-11-03 US, CA   Mayor Villaraigosa and the Truth about Cats and Dogs politics
Letter 2 Editor 05-11-03 US, CA   Letter to the Editor regarding Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa politics
WI primate protest 05-11-02 US, WI   Primate Protesting in Madison, Wisconsin Activism, primate
Stuckey Wars 05-11-02 US, CA   Villaraigosa Backs Animal Services, Praises Task Force politics
Terror road show 05-11-02 US, NY   ARs and the NY Stock Exchange Activism
Mouse Songs 05-11-01 US, WA   Male mice sing songs of love Speciesism
Elephant Graveyards 05-11-01 UK   Elephants never forget their dead. Speciesism
PCRM vs CCF 05-11-01 US, D.C.   The PCRM responds to a news release by the CCF, a group funded by the tobacco, meat & junk-food industries. politics
Dog Rescue 05-11-01 US, NC   Man's best friend is rescuer too Pets, story
Pound Seizures 05-11-01 US   More on Pound Seizures Law
US Petition 05-11-01 US, NE   pdf file Petition for Enforcement of Nebraska Animal Cruelty Laws Law
Ireland AR 05-11-01 Ireland   Ireland AR Action. Some of the wildest stuff yet. Actions
LA Animal Services 05-11-01 US, CA   Chief Vet Finds Suspicious Device on her Porch politics
Bear Friend 05-10-31 US, OR   Love Affair With A Bear Runs Afoul Of The Law Law
Arm Bears 05-11-01 US, NY   Support the right to arm bears Activism, bears