Edgewater Parrots

Quakers Rule

NJ Wild Parrot Nest Teardowns
Postponed Until 2006

In a surprising last-minute compromise, reached between Public Service Electric & Gas and www.EdgewaterParrots.com , the utility company agreed to postpone planned nest teardowns in the town of Edgewater until March of 2006.

white ghost parrot of edgewater
Pro-Parrot Cheers!

Wild parrots in Edgewater signalled their pleasure that their homes will be safe through the winter.

The teardowns, originally scheduled for this Thursday, would have affected pole-dwelling parrots living on River Road and on connecting roads in the Borough?s north end.

PSE&G, much to its credit, paid heed to Edgewater Parrots team member, Marc Johnson.

Johnson, a wild parrot expert and the Director of a Boston-based parrot-rescue called www.FosterParrots.com , suggested that the most humane way to control Edgewater's wild parrot population is for the utility company to remove nests in March, after the cold weather has passed but before the breeding season begins.

The victory is testament to the extraordinary efforts of EdgewaterParrots.com, who lobbied long and hard for a postponement, local political officials, and an enlightened management at PSE&G, which approached this difficult issue with an open mind.

Alison Evans-Fragale, Founder of EdgewaterParrots.com, is hoping for another victory in the State Assembly this fall, when the NJ Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will hear bill # A4260. The bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Joan Voss and Assemblyman Robert Gordon, seeks to remove the parrots from New Jersey?s list of ?potentially dangerous? species.

This bill would provide that the Monk Parakeet (aka Quaker Parrot) shall not be considered or listed by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), or any other state agency, as a ?potentially dangerous species". The bill would also provide that any wild Monk/Quaker, including any nest or egg thereof, must be protected by the DEP, any other state agency, and any local government entity in the same manner, and to the same extent as any non game species of bird indigenous to the state.

EdgewaterParrots.com has an on-line petition in support of Voss and Gordon?s bill. The petition can be found on the home page of the Edgewater Parrots website: www.EdgewaterParrots.com

or more info, contact Ms. Evans-Fragale by e-mail at: Alison@EdgewaterParrots.com