November 17, 2005

Long Island Deer Kill Suspended Two Days After Strike by Animal Liberation Front

Lloyd Harbor, NY- The New York State Parks Department suspended a Long Island deer kill days after the town’s mayor was targeted by the Animal Liberation Front. The so-called "hunt" had allowed selected gunmen to shoot the deer point blank with shotguns, in a misguided attempt to limit the deer population at Caumsett State Park.

Nearby, the Diocese of Rockville Centre had suspended the practice at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, when a new rector at the seminary decided to assess the situation after protests from animal rights advocates. Forty-six deer were to be killed on the properties - a move animal rights activists didn't like. "There's no need to take a life," said Dennis Glassberg, a Dix Hills resident and member of Save Our Animal Friends, a Suffolk County-based animal rights group. "These animals were put on earth to live their life and they have a right to live their lives."

On Tuesday, members of the clandestine Animal Liberation Front (ALF) covered the home and car of Lloyd Harbor Mayor Leland M. Hairr with slogans in red paint demanding he put a stop to the deer kill. In an anonymous communiqué, the group stated in part "The deer kill is a senseless move and we, the ALF will NOT stand for it."

To read the entire communiqué and for additional information, visit the Animal Liberation Press Office website at

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