November 17, 2005 -- PETA would be proud. Jay Leno auctioned off a "veganized" Cadillac with a nonleather interior for $80,000 at Heather Mills McCartney's Adopt-a-Minefield benefit at the Beverly Hilton the other night, marking a drastic turn for the auto giant. In the mid-'90s, GM was the last carmaker to make the switch from live pigs to computerized dummies for its crash tests. The company reportedly nixed the porcine pile-ups after pressure from both PETA and Paul McCartney (right with daughter), who opened the gala with a rousing rendition of the Beatles classic, "Baby You Can Drive my Car." Others in the house included Quincy Jones, Dennis Erdman, Pamela Anderson, Dan Mathews, Tony Bennett, Alec Baldwin, Ray Romano, Andy Garcia and Josh Groban.