Now Recruiting Bear Hunt Saboteurs
NY, NJ and PA Field Assignments

War is currently seeking recruits who are willing to undertake a fast paced intensive learning and training program for hunt sabotage techniques. Our primary theater of action will be the New Jersey Black Bear Hunt, which was announced today, will take place from December 5 - 10, 2005. Pennsylvania, which begins it's black bear season sooner, will be used for training sorties. An intensive training course which will include self paced study will be provided. We will teach you what you need to know to effectively defend the black bears in our woods. Sign up to be a Bear Defender today.

Applications being considered immediately at:

To apply, tell us a little about yourself, your activism, your health and physical fitness, your ability to handle extreme weather conditions and your endurance. Most of all, be sure to include the reason you are interested in becoming a Bear Defender, as this is very important to us.

For more info contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R. at: centcom@war-online.org 
or check out the WAR website at: http://war-online.org