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Subject: Re: [stopthekilling] Another Animal Volunteer FIRED BY HUEBNER!

Mary doesn't specifically blame Huebner and you guys are treading close to slander/libel in your comments. That doesn't help animals at all.

If you want support from the moderates, please stop name calling and stick with facts. At this point, it would appear nothing is being accomplished for the animals through ADL's tactics or other, more immoderate groups, but it IS giving your opposition a stick to beat you with and possibly setting you up to be sued.

While you are doing these questionable things, other people are quietly going about the business of networking and actually getting rescue done. Those people are twice the heroes you are not and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Quit the nasty comments and start looking for ways to HELP not HURT the animal community.


We are all spokes in the wheel for change, and our comments regarding Huebner were from inside sources who are sympathetic to animals and whom we trust and have confirmed with other sources.

There is no "one way" of winning this fight, because if that were the case, then there would be NO KILL right now inside the six city Death Camps. The moderates have been working on the issue of "euthanizing" animals in shelters for many, many years, yet the killing continues. Ms. Cummins and the "moderates" do their thing and we at ADL-LA do ours.

We all learned in history class that the victories of other social movements have come from protest activity that extended beyond the bullhorn or the ballot box; liberating people, torching slave ships, destroying property by sinking tea crates which ignited the American Revolution; historical figures from Harriet Tubman to Malcolm X to Cesar Chavez have ALL cast off the shackles of unjust laws in this broken system. Why is it so hard for people to understand that in historical movements for change, it is not one tactic or strategy that achieves victory, but a combination of all available avenues of action? That is why even though ADL-LA doesn't engage in illegal acts, we would never criticize those anonymous underground activists who do.

ADL-LA does NOT encourage or advocate violence or any illegal activities, we just simply state, when asked, the undisputed fact, which is that violence and illegal actions have been a part of every major social movement throughout history. From the fight to end slavery, end child labor, the fight for women’s suffrage (those ladies in their petty coats and full length skirts set fire to pillar boxes to force Parliament to give women the right to vote), heck--Nelson Mandela took up arms and was calling for the killing of opponents in his fight to end Apartheid, and is now the former President of South Africa and has won the Nobel Peace Prize!

At least ADL-LA has the courage to step up to the plate and say things that a lot of people believe but are afraid to say. A lot of people out there are getting sick and tired of the abuse, torture, agony and death inflicted on innocent animals by evildoers and perverts. And while rescues can save some of the animals imprisoned, thousands of others are killed in terror and misery.

And lastly, we don't know KIRARILEY, but if she is indeed a woman, she appears eerily similar to the same type of women who would walk past female protestors in Chicago in the early 1900's and spit on those who were protesting or had chained themselves to gas lanterns to protest on behalf of women's suffrage. Yes, it was mostly other women who spat in their faces! Read Emily Davison's autobiography* of what those "extremist" women went through and how the "moderate" women treated them with such vile, because the moderates believed that suffrage would come about only if women behaved "politely."

Again, it takes ALL spokes in the wheel and ADL-LA is just one small spoke in that wheel for change.

"Well behaved women rarely make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Harvard College Professor and the James Duncan Phillips Professor of History.

*A bit more about Emily Davison:

Emily joined the Woman's Social and Political Movement in 1906. She gradually became more and more involved in WSPU activities and in June 1908, was one of the chief stewards at a WSPU demonstration in London. The following year Emily gave up full-time teaching so that she could devote more of her time to the WSPU. Emily also became involved with the Workers Educational Association.

In March 1909, Emily was arrested while attempting to hand a petition to the Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith. Emily was found guilty of causing a disturbance and sentenced to one-month imprisonment. Four months later she was in prison again for trying to get into a hall in London where David Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was making a speech. Emily went on hunger strike and after five days she was released. In September 1909 she received a sentence of two months for stone throwing.

A few days after leaving prison, Emily Davison, Mary Leigh and Constance Lytton were caught throwing stones at a car taking David Lloyd George to a meeting in Newcastle. The stones were wrapped in Emily's favorite words: "Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God." The women were found guilty and sentenced to one month's hard labor at Strangeways Gaol. The women went on hunger strike but this time the prison authorities decided to force-feed the women. In an attempt to avoid force-feeding, Emily used prison furniture to barricade the door of her prison cell. A prison officer climbed a ladder and after forcing the nozzle of a hosepipe through a window, filled up the cell with water. Emily was willing to die, but before the cell had been completely filled with water the door was broken down.