A heavy day of trading for LSRI ended with a new low price of $12.50. Over 160,000 shares changed hands. We wonder which of the large investors dumped LSRI (HLS) today. We also wonder when Senator Inhofe's Senate Subcommittee is going to announce the next round of hearings on eco-terrorism. No doubt the Senator's pharmaceutical industry cronies are calling on him to do his part to shore up the slip sliding HLS death squads.

Launch Weekend Protest Activities

Saturday, October 15th meet at 11:30 AM at Grand Central Station, Lexington Avenue and 42nd St. on the Lower Level Food Court at Two Boots Pizzeria. We will be leaving at 11:45 sharp. If you are late or cannot find us call: 646-267-9934. Please note: This meeting was originally scheduled for 12:00 PM but was changed because one of our targets closes at 1:00 PM.

Tired of participating in protests that never seem to get results? Join Operation: Slip Slide as we protest the largest shareholders of LSRI (aka HLS) stock. We have a history of achieving our goals, be part of it. Targets include: Dalton Greiner, Washington Mutual, American Century, Royce, Vertical Group, Seaboard Securties and others.

In observance of National Primate Liberation Week, we will be adding targets that sanction and carry on primate experimentation in NY and NJ. Many of these are also customers or suppliers of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

If you cannot make the protests, you can still participate. We will be releasing daily action alerts starting on Monday, October 17, 2005. Get those quarters and calling cards ready.