Oct 30, 2005

By Rick Orlov

Rejecting the request of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for more time to address their concerns, members of the Animal Defense League announced plans Friday to demonstrate today in front of the mayor's Mount Washington home.

In an e-mail to members, league officials said they decided to take their anger over the issue directly to Villaraigosa's neighborhood.

"Activists will stress the fact that Antonio Villaraigosa has refused to fulfill his promise to fire Guerdon Stuckey," the release said.

Stuckey, general manager of the city's Animal Services Department, has been subject of repeated attacks, including a smoke bomb in his home. The demonstrations against Stuckey and other animal services officials have been going on for years as part of protests against what the league sees as delays in implementing a no-kill policy at the city's six shelters as well as its treatment of animals.

Stuckey has said the city is doing better and has reduced the number of animals that are euthanized each year as it moves toward a full no-kill policy.

In recent weeks, Stuckey has found himself subject to new criticism as outgoing board member Erica Brunson - who has supported Villaraigosa in the past - urged the mayor to replace Stuckey.

Villaraigosa met with league leaders last week, asking them to give him time to resolve the issues, but leaders of the group said later they were not satisfied with his responses.

Aides to the mayor said Friday he would have no comment on the matter.