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Continued from our Wednesday, September 28th posting of Part I-Stuckey Unveils his SCAM PLAN!

"Of course one of the primary needs is low cost and free spay/neuter, and the education and mandatory ordinances that will abolish backyard breeders and others. Bet'cha thought Mr. Stuckey would have lots and lots of ideas for this all-important need, right? Here is what Mr. Stuckey has to say on the subject: He will "Aggressively seek to open spay and neuter clinics" and he will "Maximize the utilization of spay and neuter vouchers and the spay mobile." You guessed it. He has NOT ONE WORD to say about HOW to do these things.

Mr. Stuckey, your Business Plan is a list with NO SUBSTANCE AND NO GUIDANCE on HOW to do any of this. No accountability. No milestones. No way to know what is working and what is not. Hey, if we write the words, "Stop overpopulation," does that tell you how to do it? Great goal. But HOW?

Try putting this on your list, Mr. Stuckey..."Make people respect Guerdon Stuckey." Nope. Writing it will never make it happen. You have to know HOW to do it. But you do not. Even those willing to give you a chance at the start have lost all respect for you.

If you had any ideas how to do these things, your ideas would be in the plan. And you would not pass off your responsibility to the shelter managers who are themselves incompetent.

Stuckey gave us a list of things a Business Plan could cover (with pictures of the Death Camps taking up the majority of the pages!) The same list could have been improvised in ten minutes. But Mr. Stuckey’s Business Plan does not cover even one item on the list. Not the slightest indication of how to get from where we are to where we want to go. A list, vacant of ideas.

It is not even a reasonably comprehensive list. The individuals who know the things missing from your Scam Plan, will bring them out to the Commission and the Mayor. They have all learned that there is no reason to make any suggestions to you, Mr. Stuckey. You don’t do anything.

It gets worse. Too many items on Mr. Stuckey’s list are directly opposite to his actual behavior. How about the one where he says there will be a greater emphasis on collaborations and partnership with the communities? Mr. Stuckey, if you wanted to partner, then why did you ignore the entire rabbit community by doing absolutely nothing to get the rabbit spay/neuter ordinance passed? The one they worked for years to get passed, and the one they have begged you to begin, but you did nothing? They promised to donate lots of money to LAAS to pay for the spays and neuters, but by your inability or laziness, you lost that money and more rabbits lost their lives. You did nothing, and many rabbits were sent out the back door by Sergio Rios (ACT Supervisor) for snake food or human dinner.

One of the reasons why Stuckey didn't want to deal with the rabbit community, is the leader is a strong woman and Stuckey refuses to deal with strong women. Why do we have a misogynist in Antonio Villaraigosa‘s administration? He told the woman that rabbit people are only a "special interest" and not deserving of his attention.

Lastly, Stuckey's plan calls for staff with more formalized training. Oh Mr. Stuckey--did you forget that YOU have NO formalized or ANY training in animal services? Or that YOU hired a Public Information Officer (Karen Knipscheer) who has NO public information training or experience and has so far demonstrated NO ABILITY to do even a mediocre job? Karen Knipshit is a high school graduate whose few press releases were written like a garage sale flyer. Another high school graduate, Regina Ozuna, is her PR assistant without any background in PR either. Your words, like your character Stuckey ring hollow.

If this Business Plan is the L.A. Animal Services' future, the future is bleak.

We know why this plan is so ludicrously awful. Because the author is so clueless. But the bigger question is this: Why does the Mayor not yet removed Guerdon Stuckey? WHY DOES ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA TOLERATE INCOMPETENCE IN HIS ADMINISTRATION? We have to wonder what other incompetence Antonio Villaraigosa accepts."


At the last commission meeting on Monday, when Stuckey unveiled his no nothing plan, aka his "scam-plan" the audience couldn't help but notice his yawning throughout the meeting and the glazed look on his face. The audience also noticed the blatant resentment he has for the commissioners. We have heard from three female employees about Stuckey's misogyny. In fact these three female employees contacted ADLLA specifically because they were so incensed with Stuckey's arrogance in regards to any suggestions coming from a woman. Apparently he's a "man's man"---you know the type, he wants to get a permit to carry a "big" gun because his is so small!

Insiders have complained about his rude and derogatory comments he makes behind the commissioners backs and they have told adlla that he wants to "rid himself" of them.

During the commission meeting, a rather funny comment was made by commissioner Brunson regarding Stuckey 's comment that it takes "five to seven years to change the culture" of rotten employees in the shelter (he got this from his Management for Dummies book he's been reading lately.) A few minutes later when Stuckey was making excuses for Dr. Shargani and others who have killed animals when they have holds on them, Brunson stated something to the effect of "Do we have to wait five to seven years for the employees to stop killing animals who have holds on them too Mr. Schtookey?" (Her accent tends to influence her pronunciation of Stuckey's name. The audience was in stitches!) Stuckey of course was fuming!

Part I of commentary of Stuckey's No Nothing Scam Plan!

Bright and knowledgeable people have read over Guerdon Stuckey's Business Plan, again and again, just try to find a creative or effective idea--or ANY idea. It is nothing but a LIST of things to accomplish. Get more adoptions. Spay/neuter more animals. Have better trained employees. Improve marketing. Improve customer service.

Yes, Mr. Stuckey! Right! You need to do those things! But in your 15-page Business Plan, you don't ever tell us or even suggest HOW this will happen. Why not? Is it because YOU DO NOT KNOW how to do any of this?

Stuckey did a stupendous job utilizing every word of "management-speak" in his plan. Stuckey’s Business Plan reads as if he grabbed some management textbook glossaries and wove buzzwords into sentences. Forget that it comprises no meaningful or effective plan. It has a beautiful appearance. Those who give it only a glance rather than a serious read, or those who have no clue about animal services, could easily be fooled into thinking there might be some merit to Stuckey’s plan. But the plan is so bad that even people who know nothing about animal services read it and laugh, asking why Antonio Villaraigosa lets Stuckey keep his job.

Antonio painted himself as a man of action, who solves problems. So why is Antonio tolerating Stuckey, a man who in ten months has solved no problem, has created more problems, and has proven in his Business Plan that he has NO CLUE HOW TO SOLVE ANY PROBLEMS? Antonio, does this represent your method of running government? Didn’t you say you want to be President? You are going to have to do better than this.

Here is just one example from Stuckey‘s Business Plan. How do you like these buzz words?:

"Recognize the opportunities for the business sector to market shelter services."

YES! Good subject heading! But Mr. Stuckey, you stopped there! Why did you not tell us HOW you will to do this?

But Stuckey as we all know now, is a clever fake. He came up with a way to AVOID ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY. Here is Stuckey’s game:

DELEGATE! Mr. Stuckey’s plan calls for the planning, strategizing and the doing to be delegated to the shelter managers. This way, Stuckey can sit there knowing nothing, learning nothing, doing nothing, and his shelter managers can do all of his work for him! (Maybe Mr. Stuckey can explain what our tax dollars are paying HIM to do!)

The problem is, that the managers don't know what the hell they're doing! They need leadership, since they have proven themselves to be not only incompetent, but not at all interested in saving animals. Karen Stepp, was just promoted by Stuckey to head up the entire North Central shelter! She is such an inept, apathetic employee she was transferred out of East Valley "shelter" because her incompetence was lowering employee morale. (See Karen Stepp's page on www.StopTheKilling.net and click on Players/Targets page.)

By the way Mr. Stuckey, when did you decide to stick incompetent managers with YOUR job duties? Was that on the first day you arrived or the second?

We love this one -- another Stuckey gem of an idea:

"Develop fundraising strategies."

Or how about, "Establish corporate partnerships"? And, "Build and train volunteer staff" ?

YES, YES, YES AGAIN! All good. But Mr. Stuckey, you say NOTHING about HOW to do these things. You don't even try. How about the heading "Improve medical assessments"? With Dr. Death overseeing the vet's, we don't think any medical assessments will improve in the near future.

Mr. Stuckey, why don't you know that we have been wanting to do these things for years and years? Everyone already knows these are goals. You are getting paid your six figure salary, $155,000 per year, to implement strategies to ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALS. But you don't. Because you don't know how.