Oct 23, 2005


Pictures of where Pasado sent Katrina animals in there care to borrowed from http://www.forpitssake.org/ednah.html 

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'This is the straw that broke MY back. My name is Bobby Dorafshar and I am the founder of New Leash On Life Animal Rescue located in Southern California and Chicago. I went to New Orleans to assist in the search and rescue efforts twice. On the way back from my last trip, as my volunteers and I began to load as many animals as our caravan could carry, we received word about an urgent plea from Pasado that they were in desperate need for rescue groups to come to their shelter and rescue dogs and cats. My team and I dumped personal belongings and supplies to make room to carry 10 more cats and 8 dogs. We traveled almost two hours out of our way in the middle of the night to Pasado. David Meyer (of 1-800-save a pet) and Mark, co-founder of Pasado personally invited us to his facility to help. We arrived at 1:00am, tired but anxious to meet our new traveling companions.

What happened next still amazes and angers me. To make a very long story short, I have never in my life been treated as rudely as I was treated by Kim, one of Marks staff members. They decided that they didn't want to give us dogs, only cats, and that we would have to take 40. I explained that we did not have the proper space for 40 large crates but they didn't care and were fine to let the 40 cats travel 3 days in 6 X 6 X 14 inch cat carriers. This was unacceptable to me and I said absolutely not. Then they decided that we would have to wait 6 hours to get the dogs and cats. When I told them this was not acceptable we had to be in Los Angeles by Friday, that we needed to load the animals, take a 1 hour nap and get on the road, they screamed at us saying that under no circumstances were we going to get any of their animals at that hour or ever (Even though Mark knew we were going to be there at 1am) and told us to leave the property. They turned off the lights and left us standing there; in the middle of nowhere. A Pasado volunteer offered to show us a truck stop to sleep for an hour and apologized for the horrific treatment to us by the Pasado staff. (We later learned that this volunteer was fired for assisting us. I have his statement of the night's accounts if anyone is interested.) So, my crew and I set out for the long drive back to Los Angeles with 18 empty cages. That in it's self makes me sick. ( The next day, my phone call to Mark was ignored and he didn't even have the decency to call me back!)

I've been stewing about my Pasado experience for 2 weeks. With in the last two weeks, I have read and re-read the e-mail that went back in forth between Susan, and others regarding my encounter with them, and the lies just don't stop. Then I learn about Tammy Hansen in Arkansas and it is now my duty to tell the world that Pasado is a sham. They are liars and they are coning people into believing that they are helping Katrina Animals when all they have done is collect animals and then dump them. If you read Susan's letter to the Arkansas Sheriff below, note that she says that her volunteers actually visited the Hansen's property and found it to be a suitable option to place animals. She obviously has not seen the pictures above or she is blind. There is no way that this property could get this way in 9 days! She may be able to talk her way around everything else, but pictures speak 1000 words.

-Pasado did NOT check the Hansen's property

-Pasado took money from HSUS and the public to care for these animals and then dumped them in conditions worse than the streets of New Orleans.

(I later learned that the reason Pasado did not want to release dogs to me was because HSUS had not yet paid them for the dogs they had taken in from HSUS and if they released the dogs to New Leash On Life, they would not get the money that came with those dogs.)

-Pasado received a VERY large grant from ASPCA to care for Katrina animals. Dumping over 300 dogs at the Hansen's property is their idea of caring for animals.

-Pasado's staff are liars and their donors deserve to know the truth about who they are supporting. Their own volunteers are sickened by their actions.

-Best Friends did not place any animals with Tammy Hansen. Both she and her husband are on the Best Friends DNA (Do Not Adopt) list.

Mary Neiser for Arkansas Great Dane Rescue writes:

"Pasado threatened people who called them, with lawsuits for continuing to insist that Tammy and her husband needed to allow an inspection of her property before releasing dogs to her. Today, after the property was taken over by the local sheriffs department, I went to the Hansens and it truly made me sick. I am outraged and feel that  Pasado needs to be held accountable. The Katrina dogs were all in the same crates they arrived in. They have been on the property 9 days and didn't appear to have been out of the crates since they arrived. There is not a single Katrina dog not sitting in days worth of piss and poop. There was at least one dead Katrina dog in its crate and other dead dogs in garbage bags. I feel certain that there are dogs dieing as I type this. I dread going back tomorrow...... There was not a dog on a blade of grass or with any real shelter. Very little water available and what water was in buckets and pans was nasty. The Katrina dogs have suffered the worst. They would have been better left in New Orleans than facing the Hansens. I deeply resent that a group in Washington State is collecting money to save the New Orleans dogs, keeping the money and dumping the dogs in Arkansas."


Blood is on their hands. The dead dogs found at the Hansen's is a direct result of Pasado's neglect and indifference to the animals they claim to care for. 'The true test will be to see whether or not they re-claim these animals. My guess is no. They have not shown up at the Hansen's facility yet, knowing what was going on since the 21st! I wonder what they are waiting for. The Sheriff to demand these animals be killed so they have someone else to lay blame and they can wash their hand of this situations?

'Bobby Dorafshar


'New Leash On Life Animal Rescue


Below: Letter from Susan Michaels
Co-Founder, Pasado's Safe Haven

URGENT UPDATE: 10/21 10:16 pm pm PST
Your help is needed NOW!

Dozens of pitbulls, who we rescued, walked, hugged, and cared for for days, were transferred to a shelter in Arkansas named EDNA (Every Dog Needs a Home) after the Humane Society of Louisiana, as well as Best Friends had sent animals there. We also had volunteers travel to EDNA and return stating that animals were well-cared for. After these credible recommendations, Pasado Rescue chose to place non-aggressive pitbulls with EDNA.

From what we can tell, Ms. Hanson has been under attack for years for caring for pitbulls by various local Arkansas groups, warranted or not. Tonight, spurred on by these local groups, sheriff's deputies raided Ms. Hanson's facilities and charged her with animal cruelty. We understand they are threatening to kill dogs tomorrow.

We understand that the veterinarian who assisted the sheriff in the raid stated these animals are vicious. We know, for a fact, that the animals that we transported to this facility were on our laps, able to be hugged, loved, fed by hand. This is untrue. He also stated that none of these animals had been treated by a veterinarian prior to transport to AR. Also not true. ALL the animals transported were all under the care of licensed veterinarians. We have records to prove it.

If these animals were not well cared for by Ms. Hanson, then we agree that animals need to be removed. And Pasado Rescue "will gladly take care of all transport and care." But NO LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTITY has a right to kill these animals. These are the pets of hurricane victims. People are still trying to find their animals.

You need to call the Baxter County Arkansas Sheriff and the Arkansas State Attorney General and tell them that killing these animals is killing someone's pet. Someone's property. And they will be legally liable.
Sherrif John Montgomery: Tel 870-425-7551 or 870) 425-6222 Fax: 870-425-1669
Mike Beebe, Arkansas Attorney General Tel1-800-482-8982 E-mail: http://www.goflashgo.com/agcontactform.htm

Read the letter sent to the Arkansas State Attorney General and to Sheriff John Baxter

Date: October 21, 2005 9:06pm PST
To: Sheriff John Montgomery Baxter County, Arkansas, Mike Beebe Arkansas Attorney General
By Certified USPS mail, facsimile and electronic mail

I am writing on behalf of Pasado's Safe Haven, an authorized animal rescue group involved in Hurricane Katrina rescue work in the Gulf. We understand you and others in your state are planning to euthanize dogs rescued on behalf of residents of the State of Louisiana that have been confiscated from Tammy Hanson. We believe this would be a moral and, quite likely, a legal mistake.

The reasons are many but basically, the dogs are still owned by Louisiana residents and are being fostered Tammy Hanson. She is under contract to return them to their owners should they contact her.

We respectfully suggest that you contact local counsel before acting further. Failure to do so may subject you to personal liability. Please call with questions.

Tad Seder, Assistant Chief
Civil Division/Sno. Co. Prosecutor's
2918 Colby Ave., Everett, WA 98201

Facts regarding dogs transferred to Tammy Hanson from Pasado's Safe Haven:

Pasado Rescue's priority has been to place every animal in a safe and healthy environment. Pasado's Safe Haven will not place animals without at least two references from credible sources. As you can imagine in the case of a disaster of the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina, many people offered to take animals that we rescued. We would not release animals unless their history could be verified. In Tammy Hanson's case, she was recommended to us by multiple sources including veterinarians, the Humane Society of Louisiana, Best Friends, and other rescue facilities. The Humane Society of Louisiana stated that both their organization and Best Friends had sent animals to Ms. Hanson's facility.

Because we are committed to the life-long, well-being of each animal that we and other organizations rescued during the Katrina disaster, we were concerned about rumors that local groups near to Ms. Hanson had circulated about her. To further assure we were placing animals in a qualified, caring environment, two volunteers, assisting at our Raceland veterinary triage center, traveled to visit Ms. Hanson's facility. They were welcomed by her to tour the facility and they returned to Raceland, LA with nothing but good things to say about Tammy, the facility, and the condition of the animals themselves. To confirm that the animals that we would transfer continued to be kept in good condition, we arranged for one of our volunteers to visit Ms. Hanson's facility next week.

Dr. Snodgrass, the veterinarian that Sheriff Montgomery chose to assist in the seizure of the animals from Tammy Hanson stated they were all vicious animals. That they tried to "bite the hands of those trying to give them food or water". The dogs transferred by Pasado Rescue to Ms. Hanson were photographed and videotaped at our Raceland facility being walked by volunteers several times a day, fed by hand, and hugged. The hundreds of volunteers who assisted Pasado Rescue have absolutely no motive other than care and concern to help these animals. Several of these organizations sent certified dog trainers down to assist us with the "more aggressive" dogs, not all of which were pit bulls. Not one of the dog trainers said that any one of the animals was not "retrainable". In fact, several of the dogs are being rehabbed by one of the trainers in AR. This is evidence that will be very difficult for the sheriff to dispute if he should chose to kill these animals based on their "aggression"

Furthermore, Dr. Snodgrass noted that these animals were brought into the State of Arkansas illegally, without veterinarian inspection. This is not true. All of the animals Pasado Rescue transferred to Ms. Hanson had a complete and thorough examination by a veterinarian. There are veterinary medical documents on every animal, dated and signed by a licensed veterinarian.

If, for any reason, it is proven that Ms. Hanson is indeed not caring for these animals, we will be the first to support charges of animal neglect. But we will not accept lies that are developed by Dr. Snodgrass or the sheriff regarding the behavior/temperament of the animals to support their case or the statement that these animals were not examined by a veterinarian. And above all, these animals are property of Louisiana residents and should not be euthanized under any circumstances.

Emma Devailier, the Louisiana State Assistant Attorney General who has been leading the investigation with Pasado's Safe Haven into the St. Bernard pet shootings, has been contacted to act on behalf of the owners of the pets Sheriff Montgomery threatens to kill.

Lastly, Pasado's Safe Haven will do all it can to assist the owners of these pets to pursue civil judgments against Baxter County, Arkansas, Dr. Snodgrass, and all parties involved in euthanizing these animals.

We are now preparing signed affidavits from individuals referred to above, as well as videotapes and photographs should litigation be necessary.

For the animals,
Susan Michaels
Co-Founder, Pasado's Safe Haven