More Frustration Dealing with the HSUS

12 Oct 2005
I worked with Sandy at the Noah's Wish shelter. She was so frustrated with trying to deal with the HSUS. It is only going to get worse, because they stopped taking animals last Friday and will completely shut down operations on 10/15. It is so very sad to see people desperately trying to find their animals and not knowing what happened to them. Sandy has asked us to cross post this far and wide so everyone knows that the HSUS does not need to be in the trenches doing rescue ever again.

October 10, 2005
Subject: Inhumane Society of the United States

Dear Friends:

As most of you know Metro East Humane Society acted as my sponsor to return to Louisiana as a volunteer to help with the animal rescues and sheltering. At their request I made a trip to Gonzalez, LA to try to help locate three dogs that were rescued in New Orleans and were known to be at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzalez. Ellen, the vet tech, from MEHS had been working for 2-3 weeks trying to locate these dogs for their owners (no return phone calls or e-mails from HSUS or Pet Finders) who were relocated to housing in Alton, Illinois

Sara Miller, a Humane Society of the United States employee spent time going from one computer to the next trying to locate these dogs but could only come up with the assumption that they had been relocated, but could not tell me where. At that time they were shipping animals out to many states in the U.S. and to Canada. She took me through the shelter and I was not pleased. They had horse stalls with 3-4 dogs in individual cages in each stall. There were fans for the workers but few fans bringing air to the dogs. The shipping area was unable to give us any help.

On Monday, October 3rd Ellen called me and said that the daughter of one of the owners had been to Gonzalez and had identified 'Murphy" a black lab but as she did not have a letter from her mother they would not let her leave with him. He was in the "tech unit" which meant medical care unit with an injured leg. At that time there was a vet (from HSUS) who was volunteering at the shelter where I was working and she kindly agreed to help me. Rising at 4:45 A.M. I drove to Gonzalez and met her at 7:00 A.M. She got me into the back gate and to the "operations center" where they have all the computers. Yes, all three dogs were in their comp

The reason for this letter to you my friends, is to point out that HSUS should be called the Inhumane Society of the United States. These unfortunate victims of Katrina were forced to leave their animals behind and some did leave them in the arms of HSUS rescue teams. Now they do not have a clue where they are, if they are alive, or if they will ever be reunited with them. THESE ANIMALS MAY BE THE ONLY THING THEY HAVE LEFT!!!!. Next, euthanizing dogs for "behavioral problems" is not acceptable. I think if I were in flood waters without food or water for 2-3 weeks missing my huma

HSUS clearly does not have the compassion it takes to work in a disaster situation and clearly does not have the expertise to take care of large numbers of disaster animals. On my first trip to Louisiana HSUS Gonzalez was closed down by the health department and trucks returning from New Orleans with critical animals were turned away by armed guards. How many of those animals that had been through hell died trying to make it to secondary shelters? On my second trip we had many animal owners stopping by the shelter where I was working that were going from shelter to shelter trying to locate their missing pets that had been at Gonzalez - could you not get teary eyed and pissed when you see grown men cry because of this? In good fa

Of note Ellen called me and said that this past Saturday (4 days after my last visit to Gonzalez) that the daughter returned to HSUS and located Murphy and received an inside contact number - however - when the family was packing up and leaving from Alton on Sunday to go to Louisiana to pick him up the contact called them and said he had disappeared once again - they could not find him at Gonzalez and that he was probably shipped out Saturday night - location unknown.

Please send this e-mail out to EVERYONE on your e-mail list including government officials- the word needs to get out and the donations to HSUS need to stop. I do not want to bankroll their next failure. Please continue to support your local animals shelters.

Sandy Eaves