October 8, 2005

PAUL McCARTNEY's activist wife is calling on GEORGE CLOONEY, BRAD PITT and ORLANDO BLOOM to help her stamp out fur wearing in Hollywood in a new public service announcement.

HEATHER MILLS-McCARTNEY is shocked by the amount of stars who ignore the horrors behind fur coats and scarves because they fear they don't look glamorous without dead animals on their backs.

And, in an effort to send out a powerful message, the Brit wants to record a commercial with the world's leading men.

She says, "I want them to say to camera, `Only ugly, stupid women wear fur. Be happy in your own skin.'

"These women (who wear fur) are not educated, they're thick and they've got no class... These people just want to totally separate it from their heads."

Mills-McCartney insists this is the only way to get the message across because stars like JENNIFER LOPEZ, who includes fur designs in her Sweetface fashion range, constantly ignore letters sent by animal welfare groups urging her to boycott animal pelts.

The former model even visited Lopez's New York offices last month (SEP05) with People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals activists in a bid to confront the diva.

She says, "We've sent letters to her for three years: `Please would you watch this video? Please would you watch these animals being skinned alive that are used for your fur line... You're encouraging other people to think fur is fashionable and that means more animals are being skinned alive every day.

"After three years of all the animal rights organisations writing to her, what else can you do except go and hand deliver something to her office."