Videos from the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary

We thought we would share these videos from the Tennessee "Elephant Sanctuary" site. It's great to see how happy the elephants are now after their many isolated and sad years spent in various inappropriate captivities, zoo, circuses etc.

For those who are not aware of the Elephant sanctuary, please view video links below. Its a closed sanctuary.

If you wish to donate to this wonderful Elephant sanctuary and help to increase their acreage and ensure their continued quality of life : -

Please see below the elephant videos.

The Elephant Sanctuary Video Archive
Carol's Maine Public Radio Interview 1/16/03

The Elephant Sanctuary on the Weather Channel


Winkie demonstrates Tool Use

At The Creek

Our Girls


Tarra the Artist

Tarra Talking and Playing

Tarra and Bella


Barbara's Sweater

Jenny the Hero


Shirley & Jenny's Reunion


Bunny the Hero



Queensland Group for Animal Rights