24th October 2005

Att Cindie Blanck

Cc: Miami Herald
Cc: U.S State Department
Cc: UK Kennel Club
Cc: Editor of the Sun England

Dear Madam,

On Friday 21st, I received a call around 6pm my time from one of Gallaghers’ lady sidekicks. She advised that his office had received a copy of a letter that I had sent to yourself and enquired what it was about, I felt is was fairly self explanatory, i.e. decent human beings detest these Genocidal Laws being promulgated by Dade County, and the employing of murderous savages of the ilk of Gallagher, who would probably work for free providing he could keep his Dade County license to murder defenseless animals.

The lady then asked me how I would like to be attacked by these 2 big dogs referred to in the said article published in the Miami Herald, which confirmed my original allegation; like the madman who made these unjust murderous dog laws at Dade County,- your animal control unit does not know a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from a Maltese poodle, as a Staffie could not be described anything more than medium size, and certainly I am yet to find a record of a Staffie attacking a human being.

If I pointed out to a grass snake, (is non poisonous), and someone did not know snakes and I told that someone that it was deadly it would instill fear and this is what the likes of Gallagher is doing to the public regarding Staffies. He and his ilk are cowards, they are trying to make heroes of themselves against defenceless animals, as they are too yellow to fight anything that can retaliate and Dade County is assisting these Neo-Nazis.

I've just discovered from Miami Herald that this animal unit confused a Golden Retreiver

with a pitbull and murdered the poor animal Lucky. Apparently a Fascist named Adkins took the fall for this murder and was fired, and it appears that the only reason any reaction from Dade County regime was a result of the T.V station and Mr David Ovalle from the Miami Herald moving in. Suddenly a few of your ‘Big Chiefs’ were horrified, (lol).

When I was growing up in South Africa many years ago, the Nationalist Government at the time used to brainwash us that there was a Russian communist under every bush and the Americans were the good guys, a bit of a laugh isn’t it?. Have not heard that the Russians murder 17 million dogs and cats a year. Mind you that same Government also tried to convince us that people of colour had no rights, not a very bright Government were they!!

At present I am instructing an attorney from New York to investigate the legality of these disgusting laws that have been promulgated by Dade County.

I was watching Sky News this a.m. and it appears that U.S is running out of names for these Hurricanes that appear to be mutilating your country, and a thought came to mind, maybe the next one you should name ‘Hurricane Pitbull’ as maybe its G_Ds’ way of telling the human race that he does not approve that certain races should believe they have the right to play G_D’ and that this planet was created exclusively for certain creatures.

Once again I send you references to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, read them and then change this law: STOP MURDERING ANIMALS.

Selwyn J Marock

Albert Einstein: ‘The world is a dangerous place, not because of those that do Evil, but those that look on and do nothing’.