October 04, 2005
From Linda Blair
HELP NEEDED in Gonzales

I am sending this out for Linda Blair. Linda wants everyone to know she is in Gonzales and has toured 3 of the 6 barns.

The official word is that the animals in Gonzales must be moved by October 15th, or whatever is left will be euthanized. Linda says that there are some really terrific dogs there (small, medium & large) & really friendly Pits, and all these dogs deserve a chance.

These animals need to get into rescues, so any rescues that can take any animals in please contact me: 765-287-9043, my cell is: 818-693-2323. Or email: stopdogfighting@aol.com.

She also said volunteers are needed to clean, walk & love the animals, there is a controlled exercise area that you can take the dogs into.

Linda also said she & a skeleton crew of about 75 volunteers have entered the flood zone and are going door to door searching for animals & they are still finding many animals alive. All new rescues are going to a new facility that Jane Garrison oversees.

If anyone can help in anyway contact me & I will get all messages to Linda.

Thank you

Jill Dolon
President & Founder Unconditional Love Foundation
4319 W. Clara Lane #285
Muncie, IN 47304