Activist or terrorist?
Oct 18, 2005

Steve Best was banned from Britain, so we went to America to hear the controversial personal views of the man who says animal rights activists are counter-terrorists.

Here on More4 News we aim to bring you thought provoking, and sometimes controversial opinions - and tonight we have the views of a man banned from entering Britain.

Steven Best is a philosophy professor in Texas. And he is also an outspoken critic of animal testing. In recent weeks he has been told by the Home Office that his defence of animal rights activism amounted to "formenting and justifying terrorist violence";.

So they decided that his presence here is non- conducive to the public good".

Professor Best denies promoting terrorism and claims the ban is unjustified. So we went to Texas to ask him to explain his case. This is his personal view.

Steven Best television Interview  length:7:21, size 21.1 mb .wmv