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Steve Hymon's article in the LA Times regarding a "smoke grenade" detonated in Guerdon Stuckey's apartment complex was so confusing that even experienced activists could make precious little sense of it!

Members of Animal Defense League- LA (ADL-LA) as well as Press Officers from the North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office (NAALPO) have spoken repeatedly to Mr. Hymon expounding on the differences between above-ground and underground activists. But he has his own agenda to follow, his own axe to grind, his own devils to serve.

Hymon consistently publishes biased information in his articles about Animal Defense League-LA. We contend that he can't be THAT obtuse in his inability to distinguish between ADL-LA and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)--so we have come to the inescapable conclusion that his "befuddlement" is intentional. We believe that he is driven not only to smear ADL-LA, but also to hurt the animals about whom, it is patently obvious, he could care less.

Mr. Hymon is confrontational during his interviews with ADL-LA members and other activists. He even went so far as to demur to one activist, "These are not humans being killed--they're 'just' animals!"

So, for the UMPTEENTH TIME, here is a summary of the differences between the groups he spoke about in his article. We submit that our readers possess the cognitive capacity to grasp the distinctions.


Neither ADL-LA nor the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) engages in, has the remotest foreknowledge of, or the control over illegal, underground actions. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and other underground groups would never put anyone at risk by revealing themselves to the above-ground sector. The 'underground' segment has been able to continue unhampered in its work for Animal Liberation for over thirty years precisely because its identity is kept secret--especially from people with a public face doing above-ground work.

The ALF and other underground groups, adhere to a security culture so strict and uncompromising that members from different "cells" wouldn't know each other if they passed on the street. The 'underground' observes and monitors the progress of above-ground campaigns. When they deem that such campaigns could use a little "extra assistance," they step in. That is why there appears to the onlooker to be a "link." It is nothing more than a contemporaneous focus on the same issue by two completely disparate groups, whose goals are the same---Animal Liberation--but whose method's are different.

ADL-LA on the other hand, is an above ground educational outreach and protest organization.

If it's legal, we do it!! We push the envelope, admittedly! But we remain at all times well within the law and in concert with First Amendment rights. The NAALPO (North American Animal Liberation Press Office) is an above-ground Press Office serving as an "informational" press office for underground actions. NAALPO is willing to give the media the 'other side of the story' regarding the philosophy, historical background--and rationale behind ALF actions. NAALPO merely serves as a conduit for information--receiving and publishing (after the fact) anonymous communiqués detailing ALF actions.

The ALF and other underground groups like the Animal Rights Militia, etc. have been involved in the quest for Animal Liberation for over thirty years. The above-ground knows what it does about how they work only via the aforementioned anonymous communiqués--and the revelations issued by those incredibly brave warriors who are caught by law enforcement risking their lives and freedom liberating animals or committing property damage. This is how the above-ground has come to know why 'underground' activists feel compelled to "take it a step further" in defense of helpless, abused and tortured animals.

Part 2